The Bean Loader app for Android.

One of the features that really made the Light Blue Bean catch our attention was the promise that it could write, and then upload, code directly from your phone over Bluetooth LE. Support for the last major platform, Android, arrived today. Read more »


If you’d like to make a fashion statement that’s out of this world, then you’d better keep your eye out for the fiber optic formal wear that will be on display at Maker Faire Bay Area this year. Jenn Mann did a fabulous job following Instructables user Natalina’s Fiber Optic... Read more »


An ion thruster produces a flow of air even though it has no moving parts. A version of this seemingly impossible device is used on a larger scale to propel deep space probes for NASA. The advantage to this system over others is that you need only an electrical source... Read more »

Maker Faire UK (Credit: Richard Kenworthy)

We’re now less than a week away from the premier maker event in the Britain, Maker Faire UK, which will be held at the Centre for Life in Newcastle-upon-Tyne this weekend. So roll up, roll up, for the biggest Maker Faire in Britain. Read more »


The shofar is an ancient instrument made from a ram’s horn, used in Jewish religious ceremonies. The video below shows not so much the process of making the instrument itself, but the process of making the decorative metal covering that goes on the top. The results of this process, seen... Read more »

The state of the Hulkbuster suit to date.

U.K. cosplayer and master fabricator James Bruton has done some amazing projects on his XRobots website, but he is outdoing himself on his Hulkbuster suit in homage to the upcoming Avengers 2: Age of Ultron film. On James’ site and YouTube channel, he’s been painstakingly documenting every step of his... Read more »

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How to use motorized nerf guns and water guns to make automated gun turrets Read more »