Wooden_mouse - 50

In this project, you will make your own custom wooden mouse. To make this wooden mouse, you will take apart a cheap USB mouse and salvage the electronics. The electronics will then be embedded in the bottom of a block of wood which you will form into a mouse-like shape. Although... Read more »

nugget ice featured image

FirstBuild is trying to give their community and consumers at large the opportunity to have nugget ice at home, right where they want it. Read more »


Elliot Schultz created these animated zoetropes by embroidering fabric and spinning them on record players, and the result is hypnotizing. Read more »

This ebony ring is lovely but it's a bit fragile. And I confess that I made a backup ring this time. :-)

Our friend Jonathan Danforth, programmer, Maker Faire North Carolina founder, and avid woodworker, was heartbroken when he lost his wedding ring last weekend: I was swimming in the ocean in South Carolina and managed to lose my ring in chest-deep opaque surf. I reached out to the Treasure Hunters forum,... Read more »


This easy Star Wars BB8 puppet sits in your lap as you use magnets to swivel the head from within. Read more »

tupperware tower featured image size

Are you or your little ones prone to fits of hunger-related crankiness? Have a quick treat without interrupting your day with this smart DIY hanging tupperware tower! If you’re looking for a family-friendly snack-time solution that can satisfy both your sweet tooth and your salt cravings — or maybe you’d like... Read more »


I was so thrilled when I ran across this notebook hack, allegedly from Japan, on Instagram. I fill up lots of notebooks and frequently use a single journal for work ideas, personal projects, and domestic planning (trips, meals, shopping, etc.). Finding things, across volumes, and within volumes (of Maker’s Notebooks),... Read more »