Pico Paso Kit Parts

A list of 6 quick, satisfying projects you can tackle while escaping the din and drama of Thanksgiving. Read more »

This PCB has 10 mil traces and spaces, but Prometheus can work down to 7 mil.

Zippy Robotics' Prometheus mill brings rapid PCB prototyping to engineers and electronics enthusiasts at an affordable price. Read more »


The Jetson TX1 Developer Kit makes it more practical to develop super-smart bots and other 'autonomous' devices Read more »


Nick Mankey set out to make a rain proof, dust proof, zombie proof duffel bag from scratch, and the results are gorgeous. Read more »

The new Pi-TopCEED.

Pi-Top has recently started shipping the original Pi-Top to its crowdfunding backers. Alongside this, they've also kicked off a new crowdfunding campaign, this time for a desktop. Read more »

My son unpacking the Pi-Top.

The Pi-Top is a Raspberry Pi powered laptop with 13" screen and 10 hours of battery. It comes as a kit that you'll need to put together. Read more »

Photo: Neil Mendoza

It's just an egg, placed in a vulnerable position. "I thought it would be fun to pit a large metal machine against a small fragile object," says Mendoza. Read more »