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Jeremy Cook’s PVC Pipe Instrument uses plumbing and wood for a unique sound

If I had to guess, percussion instruments were probably the first musical devices invented by man. Create your own instrument with some inspiration from these projects. Read more »


I had the luck of attending the 19th annual PDX Adult Soapbox Derby. Dozens of teams hurtled downhill in their homemade gravity-powered vehicles to the cheers of the gathered crowd. Read more »

Proud members of the brand new Fab Lab in the rural French town of Beaune.

Miriam Engle and Madison Worthy are filming a documentary about the Maker Movement in Europe. Follow along on their bicycling adventure as they tour France's Fab Labs. Read more »


Make:'s Emily Coker sits down with mixologist friend Jared Hirsch to discuss the history of craft cocktail culture and how it fits into today's Maker Movement. Read more »

This Portland State Aerospace Society’s (PSAS) L-12 launch in mid-July is beautiful and impressive. PSAS is a student-based open source rocketry group out of Portland State University. They make all of their design files, flight data, documentation, launch procedures, etc. available on GitHub. PSAS has a history of pushing the... Read more »

On August 18th 2015, robotics consultant and publisher of Robots Dreams, Lem Fugitt passed away.

Lem Fugitt, publisher of Robots Dreams, passed away on August 18th 2015. Lem was a bridge connecting robot communities throughout the world. Read more »


Australian Maker dad Tez Gelmir decided to build a Star Wars speeder bike for his daughter’s first birthday. Read more »