3D Printed Hovercraft

Create your own awesome remote controlled toy hovercraft using a 3D printer and three brushless R/C motors. Read more »

styrofoam cello

A student's goal was to create a louder cello that was easier to play. The end result was a styrofoam cello that is indeed louder. Read more »

Jet liveries squad 1

Built to mimic designs of the Stealth Bomber, F-15, and other fighter jets, the Speed Jet is papercraft that will launch a paper plane to new heights. Read more »


If you like skulls, need some wall decoration, and have some spare time, this papercraft wooly mammoth skull would make a great project! Read more »


The Family Handyman magazine posted an article on their website of 22 clever new uses for tools. Here are five of my favorites. (My comments in parens.) Cut with a Drill (Above image) “If you need to shorten a bolt, let your drill do the hard work. Spin two nuts... Read more »

mfd belly storm

Maker Faire Detroit is heading into its sixth year this weekend. With over 2,000 Maker exhibits, there's a lot going on. Here's what to see! Read more »

I used the scooter's 140 mm (~5.51 in) diameter wheel as my scaling reference.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use a graphics editing program like Inkscape to measure pictures for reverse engineering. Read more »