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It may seem that Maker Faire is just a jumble of awesome projects. Actually, these things are placed very intentionally and with great care. Read more »


Donald Bell reports on his time spent at the first-ever Berlin Maker Faire, and recounts some of his favorite projects. Read more »


Maker Camp is back with 10 more weeks of great making, exploring, sharing, and learning. Head over to to get started today! Read more »


Up your shop storage game with these ingenious racks and holders. Read more »

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Using junk to build animatronic bots is whimsical and amusing. These cobbled-together bots are just filled with personality. Read more »


Grab your drone and some Halloween decorations and have yourself a spooky time flying around the neighborhood. Read more »


Not all big art is physically large. Sometimes small things can produce an environment that escapes the physical confines of the display. Read more »