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Professional animator Dillon Markey found a way to incorporate a little piece of his childhood nostalgia into his grown-up life by hacking a Nintendo Power Glove to turn it into a stop motion animation tool. Read more »


  Spinscan In 2011, 3D printing genius Tony Buser released the Spinscan, an open source 3D scanner based on a laser and a digital camera. MakerBot later used ideas from the Spinscan to create the closed source Digitizer 3D scanner. Thankfully, Spinscan is still available and has inspired numerous other... Read more »


United Nude is a footwear company that has long been known for its cutting-edge designs and architecturally inspired aesthetic. Now they are again at the forefront with their new, commercially available, 3D-printed platform float shoe.¬†Although 3D-printed footwear is hardly a new concept, there has yet to be a wide adoption... Read more »


In this episode of DiResta, Jimmy shapes a brass key to fit an old lock Read more »

markforged wrench

Holy cow, 3D printed carbon fiber is crazy strong. Read more »


Working at Make: is, simply put, awesome. We get to be involved with incredible people, mind-blowing events, and cutting edge technology. Where else could you work where there would be random giant robots appearing or lunch dates with drones? Lets not forget that being at Make means you also get... Read more »

All Sparks Prototyping 3

  Note: This article is part of a series, documenting the All Sparks through the FIRST robotics season. To find the other parts of this series, see the list at the bottom of the article.   Our team prototyping process is well underway and, like any good robot prototyping process,... Read more »


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