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John Wall, 16, built a smart watch instead of taking driver's ed. Read more »


The Lombric project was born from an ecological concern. People are producing more and more trash, especially in Urban settlements. Organic cooking wastes are often thrown into the trash in urban settlements, whereas rural people collect them and process them into compost. This box is aiming to do the same but in... Read more »


Becky Stern, director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries, shares ten fabulous and fashionable projects you can try yourself. Read more »


If you’re reading Make:, there’s a pretty good chance you build stuff. It may be little stuff, it may be big stuff, but you are probably a maker of things. The Red Bull Creation event is, for many of us, like an insane and wonderful vacation mixed with torture, for... Read more »


In late 2013, Intel launched Galileo, their Linux-powered, Arduino-compatible development board which runs on their silicon. Today, Intel officially announces the second generation of the Galileo development board, which was teased at MakerCon last May. “We’ve made a number of enhancements to the Intel Galileo board based on feedback from... Read more »


Why does the mechanical wristwatch persist when everyone's got a timekeeper in their pocket? Read more »


If you like your video games with a healthy dose of existential crisis, then be sure to drop in to play the extraordinary video games currently exhibited in "Safety in Nebulous" at REVERSE in Brooklyn. Read more »