The Chinese have a saying: “It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white as long as it can catch mice.” While often attributed to the late Chinese leader and architect of economic reform, Deng Xiaoping, it is older. But it is fitting that people attribute it to Xiaoping... Read more »


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Warhead, a heavyweight BattleBots competitor from 2002.
Image by Daniel Longmire.

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If creativity is intelligence having fun, then creating a board game is intelligence at play. One of my favorite units for the 7th grade class I teach is the Board Game Design unit. When my assistant principal walked into my class, though, she was skeptical. The kids had played board... Read more »


There’s a common argument that you can’t make anything useful on a 3D printer. That’s not exactly true, and these 3D printed hand bolts aren’t just useful, they also add utility to the hardware you already have in your shop. I can’t take full credit on this design — I first... Read more »