Glue Motors using a TRS port to control two servo motors

One of my favorite aspects of editing projects at Make: is seeing how other people approach technology. It’s truly energizing to see someone use a basic component in a way you’d never think of doing yourself. Such an experience is exactly what happened when I first saw Kazu Terasaki’s GlueMotor... Read more »

The original Kicksat was launched aboard the SpaceX CRS-3 resupply flight to the ISS. (Credit: SpaceX)

With the recent announcement that the replacement Kicksat has been awarded a launch slot by NASA I sat down and talked to Zac Manchester about the history behind the Kicksat project, and the upcoming launch. Read more »


You see yourself mirrored on a screen. Unlike a mirror, as you move closer your internal anatomy seems to be revealed, layer by layer. You can see your animated skeleton, muscles, and internal organs move as you move. Is this a new high tech X-Ray machine? Well no, but it’s... Read more »

ping pong shooter

The almighty leaf blower, a tool that is the staple of any landscaper worth his or her weight. These handy power tools that are often the bane of those trying to sleep in, will not only will push leaves across your yard but have some excellent alternative uses as well. Here... Read more »


There is no “Maker in Chief” in the U.S. Constitution, but at least one president, Thomas Jefferson, certainly deserves that title. Read more »


A Cookie Monster would, of course, never refuse an undecorated cookie. According to this Instructables article, however, sometimes Cookie Monster “gets bored of looking at the same old cookies.” I didn’t think he really looks at them much, but I digress… After brainstorming, creators Arvid Jense and Marie Caye decided... Read more »

Mechanical Shadow Theatre

I talk to the Lever le Rideau, a theatre group specialising in stage costumes and sets, about the intriguing collection of mechanical shadow theatres they've brought to Maker Faire. Read more »