Gagan Luthra  from Cypress Semiconductor

With the release of their PSoC 4 BLE kit Cypress is doing something intriguing. We spoke with Gagan Luthra from Cypress Semiconductor about the Cypress PSoC range and the the projects they've brought here to Maker Faire. Read more »


The computer-assisted handheld router makers formerly known as Taktia revealed a smart new design and name to match: Shaper. Their digitally augmented power tools were a sensation at Maker Faire Bay Area last year, and this year’s router is even more impressive, with a clean, integrated design, new touchscreen user... Read more »

The Bazaar is back for this year’s Maker Faire with 85 amazing booths to peruse. The variety of wares for sale is astounding and everyone is sure to find something that will spark their fancy. Here is just a small sample of what is awaiting you under the Bazaar tent. Claire Sanders from... Read more »

Jason Haber of the Irresponsible Dads of Alameda has put together an interactive art piece called Unnecessarily High Five. The inspiration for the piece came from the seemingly-irresistible need for people to give high fives. “We thought “why not make a device that challenges you to give your highest five,'” Haber... Read more »

Ants on a Melon is colorful fun for kids and adults.

The first full day of the Faire brought with it chilly air and high excitement. From the fire-breathing, animal-shaped vehicles to interactive sculptures, bike-powered live music, and hands-on workshops, the Faire attendees had a plethora of adventures to jump into. If you weren’t able to make it to the Faire... Read more »

The SeeedStudio Xadow-based Smartstrap for the Pebble Time.

We take a look at the SeeedStudio Xadow-based Smartstrap for Pebble Time. This is the first time that the Smartstrap has ever been seen in public. Read more »

Flames dance to the music in this quintuple Rubens' tube from Minor Catastrophe Productions.

When Michael Kearney was tasked with creating an impressive display for Guerrilla Science, he settled on one of the most wonderful combinations possible: fire and music. He took the basic principle of a Rubens’ tube and multiplied it, because more fire is always better! If you’ve never seen a Rubens’... Read more »