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Alex Dodson is a Brit who makes amazing stoves and fire pits out of spent LP gas bottles. Here is his Witch King of Angmar burner. When not upcycling gas bottles into fiery, characterful creations, Alex teaches technology in a secondary school and tries to inspire the next generation of... Read more »


Maker ingenuity extends pretty far in all directions and interests. Many makers would agree that the garage or workshop is one of the biggest hubs of those activities. Here are 6 projects to improve your workshop and storage. Japanese Toolbox   Where better to start with your storage projects than... Read more »


A few years ago mechanical engineer Nicolas Lespour created a fantastically functional Lego mechanical loom, and now he's back with a smaller, faster, version, as well as building instructions! Read more »

The Make Lab, full of makers at our recent wearables get together.

You are invited to attend a Maker Faire Bay Area Town Hall Meeting, February 24th, at our new location in San Francisco – Maker Media Lab (located at The Palace of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall, now called Innovation Hangar, and formerly the location of The Exploratorium). If you’ve never been... Read more »


Coffee is an essential part of most people’s daily routine. We’re highlighting some coffee hacks that will help you enjoy every aspect of coffee, from roasting the beans yourself in a converted washing machine, to using your computer to keep your coffee warm while you tear out your hair over... Read more »


Quadcopters are great at hovering, but don’t have long range. Fixed-wing aircraft can travel long distances quickly, but don’t like to stay in one place above the ground. Krossblade’s SkyProwler solves both of those problems. The hybrid aircraft is a remote controlled quadcopter with wings, or a plane with six... Read more »


One of the issues with using FDM/FFF 3D printers is the ability to print small objects. The extrusion widths of the deposited plastic are just too large to capture the fine details in a miniature print. Molds, on the other hand, can capture every detail of an item they are... Read more »