ARM and Coffee

We spoke to Zach Shelby from ARM about the Internet of Things and his team's in-house project, an Internet-connected espresso machine based around an mbed. Read more »


A Huggies-sponsored clip showing visually impaired mother-to-be Tatiana Guerra as she “sees” her unborn child for the first time with a 3D printed ultrasound has racked up nearly 10 million views on YouTube. A São Paulo-based digital production outfit known as “The Goodfellas” produced the print. Using a special file extension available... Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 2.02.30 PM

The first full-sized, mobile, dual-weapon battling MegaBot made its debut at Maker Faire Bay Area on Saturday, firing giant homemade paintballs at a helpless art car (donated for the purpose) and thrilling the crowd with its menacing height and ear-splitting pneumatic cannons. You’ve probably heard about MegaBots, the proposed giant... Read more »


Shopbot now has open-source FabMo software, a digital fabrication platform for PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile, and Sturmer hopes to see developers building apps for it Read more »

Dash Robot Kit

Once you get exposure to a laser cutter, you’re hooked. It’s an amazing tool for precise cuts, but creating hinges is not a strength. The hinges on the Dash Robot Kit are what caught my eye. The frame of the robot takes shape instantly along hinges from a flat piece of laser... Read more »

The Versatility of Dremel Shines at Maker Faire

  If you were to ask the collective Maker community to name their go-to tool, the enthusiastic response would be Dremel. No matter the project, the Maker will often tell you how they had to “go at it with a Dremel” to get it done. The beauty of the familiar,... Read more »

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The master gardeners of UC Davis have brought an educational and project-based booth to this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire. Their information includes directives on how to lose your lawn, and plant alternative ground coverage. The best lawn alternatives are California native plants and flowers, which are naturally drought resistant. When... Read more »