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We went to Maker Faire Detroit to watch the world record-breaking Hot Wheels loop. Read on to learn how it all works. Read more »

creepy crochet creatures FI

Caitlin McCormack creates detailed crochet skeletal creatures and then uses glue to give them shape. Her creations are creepy and beautiful. Read more »


3D print and snap together this little race car with a brushless motor, Flutter wireless microcontrollers, and a few bucks of filament. Read more »

mario kart room featured image 1

In one of the most impressive builds I’ve seen here (or ever really), former Navy electronics technician, game tester, and current stay-at-home dad Wes Swain has come up with an incredible Mario Kart-themed nursery. His grandfather (an accomplished gunsmith and general tinkerer) and his dad (a skilled artist) inspired Swain to make... Read more »

Wooden_mouse - 50

In this project, you will make your own custom wooden mouse. To make this wooden mouse, you will take apart a cheap USB mouse and salvage the electronics. The electronics will then be embedded in the bottom of a block of wood which you will form into a mouse-like shape. Although... Read more »

nugget ice featured image

FirstBuild is trying to give their community and consumers at large the opportunity to have nugget ice at home, right where they want it. Read more »


Elliot Schultz created these animated zoetropes by embroidering fabric and spinning them on record players, and the result is hypnotizing. Read more »