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This summer, littleBits promised a world of DIY connected devices when unveiling its access-from-anywhere CloudBit module. Today, they move closer to that promise with the release of their Smart Home Kit, which includes among its 14 components an IR-controllable AC electrical socket. This AC accessory is the star of this kit. It... Read more »

A clean, quiet, and seamless hardware/software experience makes this an addictive machine. Read more »

Kathy Ceceri - Making Simple Robots

Build a Robotic Balloon Muscle from the book "Making Simple Robots: Exploring Cutting-Edge Robotics with Everyday Stuff" by Kathy Ceceri, published by Maker Media. Read more »


Every week, we collect the crowdfunding projects that catch the eyes of Make staff. Here are our top picks for this week. Read more »

Source: Wikipedia

Rocky Rawlins' Survivor Library stores digitized 19th- and early 20th-century texts on how to build important machines and infrastructure, aiming to help civilization "survive when technology doesn't." Read more »


I designed a two player version of Simon that runs on Arduino, letting you play head to head. Read more »

Thomas Richner may need to consider a career change. His hobby of recycling cardboard into interesting items, like an R2-D2 and a Millennium Falcon show enough promise that, well, someone should hire him to keep it up! This incredibly intricate Millenium Falcon has actual retractable landing gear and details that... Read more »


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