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I felt a little guilty (at first) about buying and reading Harrison’s Krix’s excellent ebook, Painting and Weathering for Props and Replicas. Part of being a maker is discovery by making, and this guy decided to take all his years of success (or rather, failures) and teach us all how to... Read more »


Has it been a busy week for you? Need a bit of relaxation with a maker twist? Instead of firing up that tired sounds of the ocean soundtrack grab your fuzziest headphones and crank them up to the tune of soothing sharpener swooshes from professional engraver Sam Alfano. In the above video, you can watch... Read more »


Want a chance to win $5,000 and be featured at MakerCon New York this September? If so, consider entering the Pitch Your Prototype contest, a collaboration between Make: and Cornell University with the goal of digging up promising prototypes from the Maker community. Maybe you’ve been working on a wearable, or... Read more »


How should we judge whether a toy fits into the maker movement? Read more »

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Jim Jarmusch has released a short clip of the Nikola Tesla-inspired "opera" he's been working on for several years with composer Phil Kline. Read more »

The surprising strength of 2 part epoxy!

When it comes to woodworking, glue is often a point of confusion and concern for beginners. If you’re like me and your experience in the wood shop has been mainly based on trial and error, you may find yourself asking what glue you should use for what part of a... Read more »


Tourists are usually pretty easy to spot, but in artist Teresa Lim's case you might have to look for the person embroidering by hand to identify the tourist. Read more »


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