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Polish violinist Jacek Dzwonowski makes musical lemonade from the wonderfully sour sounds of flawed plumbing. Read more »


Some things are built to last, and other things are built to melt into a gelatinous puddle. Read more »


If you’ve just seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, you may have decided you need a Star Lord helmet. I haven’t seen it yet, but have to assume that this Star Lord isn’t too concerned about getting blasted (or rapidly decompressed) on the top of his head. These concerns... Read more »


French artist Marc Giai-Miniet turns tiny boxes into dark laboratories and libraries Read more »


Artist Lee Pivnik created "The Kadatrope," an interactive installation that immerses the viewer in a rotating dome of vintage slides. Read more »

2014-04-20 17.31.26

Anything is possible with the right mix of brains and brawn. And we all know that when we get together with our best buds, things often take a hilarious turn towards the ludicrous. Some of the oversized, outlandish projects coming out of makerspaces prove just how true — and fun — that is. Read more »


If you’re not satisfied with glasses that only have a monochrome LED display, this model by Garret Mace of macetech instead features an array of RGB LEDs. It’s possible that you caught a glimpse of them as worn by Garret at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Last year he premiered... Read more »


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