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Radiolarian. Photo by Frank Fox.

Inspired by diatoms and radiolarians, a new bottle used biomimicry as a basis for its new design. Read more »


When a key stick is removed, the entire structure flies apart. Read more »

Photo by Corinne Warnshuis

If you've been to your local hackerspace/makerspace and noticed there weren't many woman, did you stop to wonder why? Unfortunately a common reaction is to think, “I guess women just aren’t into hacking or building stuff.” As one of the few female directors of a U.S. makerspace, I know this... Read more »

RI Mini Maker Faire

The sixth annual Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire is just over a month away (October 11, 11am-6pm, downtown Providence, RI). Our call to makers is open: we’re looking for makers from inside and outside Rhode Island to show off their creations. Read more »


The new music video from French trio Ödland takes DIY special effects to a whole other world by using elaborately constructed papercraft settings for their cosmic stop-motion animations. Read more »


If you’re a maker, you come to this site to learn about Make: Projects and get your maker community news. But if you’re also a PHP/WordPress developer, then you now have a chance to participate in the Maker Movement as your day job too by joining the Maker Media engineering... Read more »


“An elegant solution to a pretty frustrating problem. I’ve seen very complicated solutions with motors to detect motion and counter act them, this seems much more feasible. ” -Caleb Kraft View on Kickstarter “Anyone who 3D prints stuff regularly gets excited about new materials. Taulman has a great reputation and... Read more »


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