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Look, ma, no plugs! Make a totally wireless bag to charge your mobile devices, and kiss connectors goodbye. Read more »


Anderson Ta, one of the judges for Make’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing, shares his background in Bio printing. He discusses the difficulties with printing living tissue and recent advancements in that area. Anderson also shares some observations of the printers he saw during the review process.      ... Read more »


Build a vacuum hold-down system with serious suction that works with any CNC router. Read more »


This summer, littleBits promised a world of DIY connected devices when unveiling its access-from-anywhere CloudBit module. Today, they move closer to that promise with the release of their Smart Home Kit, which includes among its 14 components an IR-controllable AC electrical socket. This AC accessory is the star of this kit. It... Read more »

A clean, quiet, and seamless hardware/software experience makes this an addictive machine. Read more »

Kathy Ceceri - Making Simple Robots

Build a Robotic Balloon Muscle from the book "Making Simple Robots: Exploring Cutting-Edge Robotics with Everyday Stuff" by Kathy Ceceri, published by Maker Media. Read more »


Every week, we collect the crowdfunding projects that catch the eyes of Make staff. Here are our top picks for this week. Read more »


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