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This sturdy table assembles in seconds without tools, and stores flat in a closet or under a bed. You can make it over a weekend from a ½”×4’×4′ sheet of finish-grade plywood. The table shown is intended for children ages 5–7. For bigger kids or adults, change the box panel... Read more »

Abby Steger and Model

Textile design is not limited anymore to your local fabric retailer. New tools in fashion themed maker spaces are allowing designers to manipulate fibers in interesting ways. Fashion design student, Abby Steger, has taken her inspiration from the Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Orchid Mania flower show to her dress design by... Read more »

NJ Makers Day Logo

Something new is growing in the Garden State. The first New Jersey Makers Day will be held on Saturday March 21st. It’s a statewide event that celebrates the maker movement, taking place in every county.”It’s a little different then a Maker Faire,” says FUBAR Labs member Paul Gentile. “They have... Read more »

Last year, “plant artist” Azuma Makoto and a team of collaborators created Exobiotanica – Botanical Space Flight, sending a bonsai tree and some floral arrangements to the stratosphere using space balloons. Azuma and his team executed the launch last July in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, reaching an altitude of some... Read more »

Squirrel Baffle repurposed as a parabolic listening station.

Build a parabolic mic from ordinary hardware, then transmit its sound to any FM radio. Read more »


As many of us become more concerned and aware of the foods we are consuming, urban farming has taken off as not only a way to produce healthy foods, but also to help produce foods in a more economical and environmentally-friendly fashion. Now, the AKER project is utilizing the power... Read more »


Make: magazine Volume 44 hit the newsstands on March 24 and this issue is all about DRONES! To hold you over till the issue is available to purchase, we’ve collected some fun drone related stories to share. Currently drones are known for their use by the military and hobbyists. In the... Read more »