molten glass

Micron 3DP, a maker of extruders for 3D printing, has been exploring an exciting new area: 3D Printing with glass. This exploration seems like a somewhat natural transition for the company. The “hot end” of the 3D printer is the part of the extruder assembly that literally melts the plastic... Read more »

3 For Life reminds adults what it's like to be kids. It's also fun for kids. Read more »


This project is part 2 in the building a robot arm tutorial. In the first part I show how to design the robot arm, and in the third part I show how to design the mount section. In part one of making a robot arm, we explored a lot of things... Read more »


This weekend, June 27 and 28, at historic Kansas City Union Station, marks the sixth annual Maker Faire Kansas City. Through the tireless efforts of the organizing team, led by Jerry Baber (and the continued support of founding sponsors Kaufmann Foundation), the event has grown and flourished exponentially over the last... Read more »


LittleBits, the New York-based open source hardware startup that produces modular snap-together circuitry kits, announced this morning that it has raised just over $44 million in its Series B funding from DFJ Growth as well as Morgan Stanley, Grishin Robotics, and Wamda Capital, among others. This is one of the largest... Read more »


This is a tutorial on how to make a silicone mold of a hollow, spherical form. It is part of a larger project, so I hope the reader will enjoy some background information to put it in context. Project Background I became interested in artificial reef technology a few years ago... Read more »

Growing chairs

Grafting living trees together over formers it can take between 4 and 8 years to grow a piece of furniture. But Gavin Munro is a furniture designer based in Derbyshire, England, is a patient man. Read more »