WeIO Board

We catch up with Uroš Petrevski to find out what's happened with the WeIO micro controller board announced at the previous Saint-Malo Mini Maker Faire two years ago. Read more »

The robot-carved statue of Makey — the Maker Faire mascot  — is the first thing that greets you when you arrive at the Saint-Malo Mini Maker Faire

The first thing that greets you as you come to the Saint-Malo faire is a huge stone statue of Makey. What most people don't find out till later is that this statue of a robot was originally carved by a robot. Read more »

Nolween Febvre from the Les P'tits Doudous project at the University Hospital in Rennes

Providing teddy bears and tablets to young children has significantly helped reduce the drug use of those requiring anaesthesia. Read more »


Okay, let’s start this one with a perform at your own risk disclaimer. Fire is dangerous, plastic fumes are dangerous, so please be careful. This week, some of my fellow hackers from Ocean State Maker Mill and I attended a charity event and demonstrated 3D printing to the attendees. We decided that... Read more »

YouTube creator Experiment Boy signs posters for his fans while showing off his builds at the Maker Faire in Saint Malo.

Talking with "Experiment Boy," one of the leading French-speaking YouTube creators attempting to make science, science experiments, and phenomenon, fun! Read more »

Light It Up: Make a Glass Insulator Pendant Lamp

When I was a kid, I spent tons of time walking under the power lines at my grandparents’ farm, hunting for old glass insulators. Over the years, I ended up with quite a colorful collection, and I love the idea of turning those fond memories into beautiful DIY glass insulator... Read more »


Create a high-voltage loudspeaker that makes sound waves by vibrating an electric arc Read more »