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Are you or your little ones prone to fits of hunger-related crankiness? Have a quick treat without interrupting your day with this smart DIY hanging tupperware tower! If you’re looking for a family-friendly snack-time solution that can satisfy both your sweet tooth and your salt cravings — or maybe you’d like... Read more »


I was so thrilled when I ran across this notebook hack, allegedly from Japan, on Instagram. I fill up lots of notebooks and frequently use a single journal for work ideas, personal projects, and domestic planning (trips, meals, shopping, etc.). Finding things, across volumes, and within volumes (of Maker’s Notebooks),... Read more »


The first-ever drone-racing national championships brought the best FPV pilots to the air. Read more »


Justin Yates, who has a degree in both electrical engineering and computer science, built a headphone amplifier with a waveform display. Read more »

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Designing and building the Chibi-Mikuvan go-kart for the Power Racing Series was no easy feat. Read more »


This see-through mini-chip amplifier sounds ridiculously good. Build it with common materials and enjoy music played through a component you made yourself. Read more »

Make - Rancor 1

Check out this Maker's stunningly impressive build of the Rancor from Return of the Jedi that he made for ComicCon 2015. Read more »