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Re-create the dry, highly hopped ale that quenched the British Empire. Read more »


Adam’s Science Website puts it like this: Bass Cannon is a party on your shoulders. A weapon of mass destruction. A thing to make your neighbors angry. Bass Cannon is a mono audio system with a pair of x-pass filters, a powerful amplifier and suitable drivers. It’s composed of an... Read more »


Chad Ratliff shared with us this video (above, by Trevor Przyuski) of a professional development trip he and his colleagues took to Maker Faire 2013. Schools are back in session, and we’re getting ready to throw open the gates to Maker Faire, hands-down the best hands-on learning-palooza for teachers everywhere.... Read more »


If you really don’t like the task of watering your plants, you can make a super easy DIY self-watering planter! Read more »

Radiolarian. Photo by Frank Fox.

Inspired by diatoms and radiolarians, a new bottle used biomimicry as a basis for its new design. Read more »


When a key stick is removed, the entire structure flies apart. Read more »

Photo by Corinne Warnshuis

If you've been to your local hackerspace/makerspace and noticed there weren't many woman, did you stop to wonder why? Unfortunately a common reaction is to think, “I guess women just aren’t into hacking or building stuff.” As one of the few female directors of a U.S. makerspace, I know this... Read more »


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