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On Saturday, October fourth, I was privileged enough to attend the Atlanta Maker Faire as a spectator, and to take photographs and report for Makezine. It was a great experience, and I think anyone that regularly exhibits their work can learn a lot from being on the other side of... Read more »


Halloween is a good time to invest in a new toothbrush, but before you throw out that old electric toothbrush, why not use it to give your Halloween decorations a little life by turning them into super lo-fi bristlebots? Read more »

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These little spooky apothecary bottles are such a clever use of materials! Collect up your old spice tins and empty pill bottles to make these totally rad Halloween props. Just add some hot glue details, paint, cork, moss and bark– and you’ve got instant antique containers. This is definitely a... Read more »

Those air pockets on Bubble Wrap were actually formed using a perforated vacuum

Sealed Air releases a video detailing the manufacturing process of Bubble Wrap using resin pellets and vacuum rollers. It’s almost as addicting to watch as it is to pop. Read more »

Version 2 of Louis’ hexacopter drone features a more stable design to maintain flight.

Animator Louis DeRosa designed two hexacopters using 3Doodler’s 3D printing pen. Both were able to attain flight but only version 2 was much more stable. Read more »


Needing a new computer? Here's how you can build your own! Read more »

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t an actual Game Boy but a Raspberry Pi-based Pocket Pi.

Travis Brown designs a Game Boy Pocket clone using a Raspberry Pi running Retro Pi emulation software. All of the electronics were gutted from the case, which was then modified to fit the RPi and other electronics. The Game Boy Pocket hit the market back in 1996 and is still... Read more »


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