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Before homes were electrified, people lived in constant danger of clothing and surroundings catching on fire from the oil lamps and cooking fires used in daily life. As the study of chemistry became more rigorous, scientists began to think about how to protect people from this hazard. The person who... Read more »

Technology book publisher and Make Magazine founder O’Reilly Media have used illustrations of animals from the Dover Pictorial Archive on the covers of their books for nearly 30 years. In that time there have been some dramatic changes to both the natural world where those animals live, and the digital... Read more »

Lockpicking, in some ways, could be considered one of the earliest forms of “hacking.” Just like “real” hacking, it’s not easy to learn, and can be used for illicit purposes if practiced without discretion. If you do want to learn this art, one thing that could be very helpful is... Read more »

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This beautiful work of art was created by a guy named Davos that crafted it by hand for his girlfriend. He wanted to generate an engagement story that could be passed down through the generations. Instead of just going out and buying a standard ring, he decided to make his... Read more »


You've heard of broken basketball backboards, but what about Baroque basketball backboards? Read more »


I decided to build a bigger and stronger version of the helping hands tool using an adjustable floor lamp and some large spring clamps. Read more »


When I was a kid, a giant cardboard box was just about the best toy ever. My friends and I built forts, castles, and storefronts. We used them as sleds, cars, and rockets, and we even got inside them and rolled down hills. (In retrospect, the latter was probably a... Read more »


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