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A quick #PSoCMaker tip for debugging your BLE Pioneer Kit. Just click the bug! Read more »


Macaroni and cheese, for some people, is the ultimate comfort food. That ooey gooey warm cheesey goodness, made even better with a generous squeeze of ketchup. Can you tell I am Canadian? You could call this homemade recipe a grown up version of the Kraft Dinner of my childhood. The hot dogs... Read more »


Over 15 feet high and more than 1,000 pounds, the robot is constructed of ¾-inch plywood sheathed in Masonite Read more »

ThinkFun Maker Studio

As I mentioned yesterday, the big theme of this year’s Toy Fair in New York is “joining the maker movement.” But to qualify as a genuine maker toy, a plaything should meet some basic criteria.  One new series of kits that fits my definition of a maker toy is the... Read more »

Shopping for shoes is a necessary evil for some, and an addiction a hobby for others. Still others, presumably a small minority, choose to instead make their own shoes. The creator of this pair claims to not be a cobbler or much of a leather worker, but “simply started making shoes one... Read more »

Last week I visited Jimmy DiResta in his workshop and talked inspiration, tools, and why he's so silent on video and so talkative on his podcast, "Making It". Read more »


15 years ago we gave birth to a 4lb 9oz baby boy, I was overjoyed with happiness. I wanted to hold him up to the skies like Simba from the Lion King, but at Wordsley Hospital they’re not that keen for you to do stuff like that, so I settled... Read more »