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In 2013, while they were enrolled at Shenzhen-based hardware accelerator HAXLR8R, Tarun Pondicherry and Josh Chan created a prototype of an educational electronics system they called LightUp. It was a crude mockup—Pondicherry recalls spray painting their single, painstakingly-constructed prototype in an alleyway—but their concept was a big one: a snap-together... Read more »

Maker Corps Members at Edventure Children’s Museum in 2014.

Looking for a summer job? Apply now to be a maker-in-residence at one of the many Maker Corps 2015 Host Sites across the nation! We’re looking for anyone who is interested in being a maker-in-residence and a maker educator embedded at museums, libraries, schools, community makerspaces, and even a summer... Read more »

Ryan Deboodt combines a love of caves, photography, and drones in this amazing video taken inside Vietnam's Hang Son Doong, the world's largest known cave. Read more »


When Wayne Losey left his job with a big corporate toy company, he had a dream to bring the kind of toys that he loved as a kid to market. Wayne wanted to combine the fun and adventure of action figures with the customizability of Legos. He realized that 3D... Read more »


Since we’re smack-dab in the middle of this year’s National Crochet Week, it seems like a good time take a gander at this handsome crocheted Yoda outfit that Redditor and expectant parent dishevelledmind made for their future little Yoda! And, if you’re looking for some crocheted Yoda wear of your... Read more »


Massimo Banzi tells us about a serious rift in the core Arduino team, which is just coming to light now. One of the founding team members has gone off on his own, claiming rights to Arduino and starting a separate operation. We asked Massimo to explain the situation in his... Read more »


MakerCon 2015 is Make:’s popular conference on the business of Making and the impact of the Maker Movement. Presented by Intel, the event will take place May 12-13, at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, and will look at Makers who are going pro by bringing their projects, products, and... Read more »