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  We are Team 2848, The All Sparks, and over the next few months we will be giving you a peek into our robot build season. We are a high school robotics team from Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas, and we participate in a variety of programs through the... Read more »


Eric Au of Metro Grade Goods, adds homemade bearings to a slingshot Read more »


Lathes are an interesting piece of “maker gear,” but the typical garage would seem more likely to have a table saw than a lathe available. If for some reason you need to make a wooden bowl and only have a saw around, “izzy swan” now has a solution with his... Read more »


This ultimate retro gaming machine has hundreds of hours of old games, all on a Raspberry Pi emulator. Read more »


We caught up with the Voxel8 team at CES 2015 to see their circuitry-capable 3D printer up close. Read more »

spider dress 2

The Giger-esque project contains various outward-facing sensors that detect when a person comes in close proximity to the wearer, and moves spiderish appendages outward to ward him or her off. Read more »


Dmitry Grinberg, like many people reading this, needed a holiday card. Many people would settle for something normal printed on cardboard, or even a “fancy” card with an audio chip embedded in it. This wasn’t good enough for Dmitry, and he instead decided to construct his own “card”, using a... Read more »


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