Anouk about to spray paint  her dress pink

While it’s not often talked about, many Makers wait until the last minute to finish their projects. It’s most likely because we are all simply extremely busy and fit making into any, and every, available moment. During MakerCon we caught up with Anouk Wipprecht in the Maker Media Lab, who... Read more »

Wooden hydraulic arm controlled with DIY linear actuators.

Hydraulic Robots Why would you want to use hydraulics on your robot? It was good enough for the car-sized fighting robots Mark Setrakian designed for Robot Combat League, the show he helped develop for the SyFy network. I’m not suggesting you build a giant robot (although that’d be pretty cool),... Read more »

The Electric Trout Car by artist/maker Alvin Petty.

For the first time ever, Maker Faire Bay Area started on Friday this year, and it was fantastic — hundreds of makers showing their stuff for thousands of lucky kids. Check out the photo gallery here for just a small preview of what you’ll see this weekend at Maker Faire.... Read more »

The new Beaglebone Green (bottom) with the original Beaglebone Black (top).

We talk to Jason Krinder about the new Beaglebone board, the Beaglebone Green from Seeed Studio. Read more »

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 7.42.13 AM

These are students at the Bay School of San Francisco, and the makers of AJAX, a hydraulic exoskeleton that looks like something from a movie. Read more »


David Shuff built a fully immersive gaming environment for the classic Xbox game Steel Battalion. Read more »

Presence Lights-7

I’ve always been a fan of “presence lights” that turn on when I walk into a space. Sure, call me lazy, but there’s just something wonderful about electronics being able to anticipate my needs and look after them before I take action on my own. I’ve been enjoying working with... Read more »