Mini Maker Faire Saint-Malo_Darnel LINDOR-87Final

Never underestimate the sparks that can fly when a small and dedicated group of Makers set their minds to something. Such is the story of the rapidly growing Maker community in France. It all started with one French maker’s trip to World Maker Faire New York in 2011. Bertier Luyt... Read more »


ATTENTION ALL DRONE PILOTS! Have you dreamed of drone combat? Would you like to see how your drone stacks up against the competition in a drone-to-drone fight? Now is your chance to join Game of Drones with Aerial Sports League’s Combat Games for this year’s 10th annual Maker Faire! Free admission,... Read more »

Dan Rosenstein designed and built a bunch of Raspberry Pi robots running Windows 10 IoT Core

Microsoft has officially opened access Windows 10 support for the Raspberry Pi 2 as of last night — coming through on their February announcement that they’d be offering the OS for the diminutive computer. With the installed release, you can now build and deploy apps from a Windows 10 PC running Visual... Read more »


A “few” years back, as a final-semester project at the NC State University School of Industrial Design, I made a kit of plywood parts from which could be assembled several useful pieces of children’s furniture. I called it “FUNiture.” Thanks to help from my good friend, prolific author and skilled... Read more »

The DRM Chip From A Stratasys Print Cartridge

Our good friend Michael Weinberg has written us to let us all know about one of the current fights to keep 3D printing free and open. Read below and add your voice to the current issue. The Time is Now to Help to Unlock 3D Printers The Copyright Office needs... Read more »


Several years ago, Make: contributor Matt Griffin and I were hanging out and he started enthusiastically telling me about a technique for friction welding plastic that he’d just discovered. He had learned about it in a video from the awesome Fran Blanche (she of Frantone guitar pedals fame). I still... Read more »


The Fab Academy program is a distributed educational model providing advanced digital fabrication instruction for students through a unique, hands-on curriculum and access to technological tools and resources. In this series, Erin, aka RobotGrrl is going to be sharing her experiences with the program as she progresses through the courses.... Read more »