Arduino and SeeedStudio have entered a manufacturing partnership to produce the new Genuino branded boards for China and other Asian markets. Read more »


Over the first few years of their existence, Makerbot leveraged their community and the bourgeoning open source hardware movement to make their name synonymous with desktop 3D printing. What Kleenex is to facial tissue or Scotch is to cellophane tape, Makerbot has come to be for 3D printing. But then came a... Read more »


You probably don't look at the top of your door often and neither does anyone else. So, hide a doortop stash in this hard-to-find, but easy-to-reach area. Read more »

"And there it is all done!"

I love this watercolor tutorial using a scene from Mad Max: Fury Road as the subject. Well-known artist/illustrator Scott C. (Scott Campbell) shows you how he uses reference shots from the film, does some preliminary sketches, composites the scene based on those sketches, and then, casually step-by-step, how he went... Read more »


Exploring what is possible with robots and how to design a robot arm. Read more »

Marshmallow Shooters — Rain down gooey destruction on your foes/family members with this simple, lung-powered toy.

Forget the gifts this Father’s Day! With busy work and school schedules, after school activities, clubs, and personal projects, time is the best present a dad can get. So in the spirit of spending time with dad, here are a handful of engaging projects that are fun to build together so... Read more »


Most 3D printers need complex motion systems to draw out the pattern of the object being printed. FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers need rigid x/y stages; SLA (Stereolithography) printers use galvanometers to move their laser around; but DLP (Digital Light Processing) printers don’t need any of these — they flash an entire layer at... Read more »