Thud Rumble demo sensor turntable

During Wednesday’s closing talk at San Francisco’s MakerCon, members of Thud Rumble demonstrated a suite of digital DJ tools developed in collaboration with Intel and their Edison platform. Thud Rumble co-founder Ritchie “YogaFrog” Desuasido preceded the demo with a talk about the evolution of DJ technology from record crates, to... Read more »

Furniture is necessary, but can be kind of boring. Why not add a playable board game surface to it? Corrado Cera was inspired by a Monopoly board drawn on a table that he saw while browsing the internet, and decided to build “the most dangerous game for social relations, friendships, or any... Read more »


We talk to Ben Pirt, the creator of Mirobot, about the new version of his robot and the way he's using Kickstarter as part of his development of the bot. Read more »

Germany or the Netherlands?

We are Madison Worthy and Miriam Engle, and we are biking across Europe to film a documentary about the Maker Movement. So far we have biked 800km through three countries. We’ve stopped to interview Makers in seven cities. We don’t bike every day, but when we do, we average 67km. Each... Read more »

Spark is now Particle

MakerCon was full of exciting announcements, interesting presentations, and even a few surprises. Zach Supalla, co-founder and CEO of Spark IO, shocked many when he ended his presentation announcing that going forward, Spark IO will now be Particle. We caught up with Supalla and discussed his experiences building the company, his... Read more »


Making art projects with paper is fun and accessible for even the littlest of hands. Incorporating electronics into those paper crafts is an educational opportunity to learn about conductivity and circuitry. Project Daffodil is here to introduce you to Princess Cassie, so you can join her on an adventure of electric... Read more »

ammf kami2

One of the most amazing effects of Maker Faires is that they not only inspire people to make, but they also motivate folks to organize Maker Faires for their own communities, creating a ripple effect of Maker goodness. In 2006, the very first Maker Faire was hosted in San Mateo,... Read more »