blue jay on feeder

Birds make lousy subjects for digital photographs. But you can perfect shot, thanks to a long shutter-release cable and a gadget that typically controls model vehicles: an R/C radio. Read more »

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During my second week as an artist in residence at the Maker Media Lab, I decided to explore designing and creating a filament colorizer. Read more »

Backyard Builds: Wood Plank Loveseat

Build your own gorgeous and sturdy wood plank loveseat, then customize it with colorful stains or paints to suit your style. Read more »

wendy post

While living in Manhattan, I made a pledge to make the goods I need to live rather than buy them. I then spent a decade building an off-grid homestead in the New Mexico desert. I learned to make food, medicine, power, fuel, building materials, and domestic goods. Being a Maker revealed the impact... Read more »


Arthur Ganson is one of my all time favorite kinetic artists, so when I found out he had a YouTube channel, naturally, I watched every one of his videos. Many of the pieces in his portfolio involve gears made of wires, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that... Read more »

pinball clock featured image

Solenoids (a type of electromagnet) are at the heart of pinball machines, and at one time, many other machines. They work by inducing a magnetic field using a coil of copper wire. This makes them ideal for pushing or pulling mechanical things fast and with force. They have become unnecessary... Read more »

scrabble board featured image size

With a few magnets and a lot of DIY expertise you could make this magnetic scrabble board. It's great for competitions or just decoration. Read more »