mfd belly storm

Maker Faire Detroit is heading into its sixth year this weekend. With over 2,000 Maker exhibits, there's a lot going on. Here's what to see! Read more »

I used the scooter's 140 mm (~5.51 in) diameter wheel as my scaling reference.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use a graphics editing program like Inkscape to measure pictures for reverse engineering. Read more »

When connected to the Ekso Works, moving this industrial angle grinder around took no effort at all.

Ekso Bionics makes battery-powered exoskeletons for medical and rehabilitation applications. I wore their awesome Industrial Exoskeleton. Read more »

Kailey Shara, 
Danna Torio, 
Jaimie Hadden, and Amogha Srirangarajan pose with Carbon Origins’ Phoenix 0.3 test rocket on the morning of its first — and last — launch.

The founders of Carbon Origins moved to the desert to launch rockets. It was harder than they expected. Read more »


Long-time Maker Matthew Borgatti recently completed work on a homemade spot welder, built from a scrapped microwave and a few other parts. Read more »

Not your typical crochet done with yarn! It’s wire. And it’s 3D. This artist uses crochet to make us think about illness in a whole new way. Read more »


Artist David Cranmer's "Stakcgrox" is a 3.5 meter tall robotic crow with a rotating head and glowing eyes that shoot lasers. Read more »