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  If you live in an area where the metro or subway use tickets with magnetic strips, you may have already had this idea. Can these be copied? Well, this proof of concept says yes. The device called the ticketizer literally makes copies of metro tickets. Utilizing an audio amp,... Read more »


  Vladimir wrote in to share an interesting project he just completed. He is using the heating element from a heated jacket to heat a stuffed bear. The result is a cuddly warm stuffed animal.  It looks like an ordinary silk fabric, very thin and soft. You do not feel... Read more »


Frank Howarth, who has a shop that would put most woodworkers to shame, made the beautiful bowl seen in the picture above as a wedding present. Naturally, a bowl like this takes a lot of work to make (seriously, a lot), as seen in the video below. Frank started out... Read more »


Dr. Martin D. Burke and a team of chemists at the University of Illinois may have brought us one giant step closer to 3D printing on the molecular level. Small molecules are the low molecular weight organic compounds that make up such things as pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and electronic components... Read more »

The final assembled design of the treadmill

Now that spring is upon us and thoughts of not so distant summer weather fill our imaginations, many of us will be looking to get into optimum shape after months of lethargy during the winter. After pushing the envelope on the limits cardboard can be sculpted and re-purposed with the... Read more »


  The technologies that we often talk about for 3D printing (FDM, SLA, SLS), have been around for a while and it’s rare that we see ground breaking processes that really shake things up. This week, a new company in the market Carbon 3D, has released a new process they refer... Read more »


Want a little storage space that you can pack up and take with you? Why not make yourself a handsome leather catch-all like the ones that Laura Kaesshaefer put together for Food52, which are not just practical, they’re also cheap to make! I’ve been noticing lately that leather catch-alls are... Read more »