Arduino-Compatible 4-in-1 DrawBot Decorates Walls, Floors, Eggs, and More

Arduino-Compatible 4-in-1 DrawBot Decorates Walls, Floors, Eggs, and More

Makeblock, a Shenzhen-based open source hardware company, has raised almost double their goal on their Kickstarter campaign for the mDrawBot, a 4-in-1 drawing robot kit that can be assembled into 4 different drawing robots: mScara, mCar, mSpider and mEggBot. The four different configurations give you the choice between a drawing arm that... Read more »

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New Equity Crowdfunding Platform From

New Equity Crowdfunding Platform From, a notable rival to Chinese ecommerce behemoth Alibaba, launched a funding site last week called JD Equity Crowdfunding. JD’s first experiment in crowdfunding, Coufenzi is like Kickstarter in that it lets individuals fund products; JD Equity is instead aimed at entrepreneurs looking for early investors, with the goal of... Read more »

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Drone Privacy Lawsuit Seeks Tighter FAA Restrictions

Drone Privacy Lawsuit Seeks Tighter FAA Restrictions

Just weeks after releasing preliminary rules for drone regulation, the FAA is facing a lawsuit. The Electronic Privacy Information Center’s lawsuit asks the Washington, DC federal appeals court to declare the regulations unlawful due to the lack of privacy protections, and alleges that the proposal is not comprehensive enough to... Read more »

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The Bloomiere Casts Gentle Light, Or Blossoms Into Shade

The Bloomiere Casts Gentle Light, Or Blossoms Into Shade

Previous prototypes entered in the Pitch Your Prototype challenge have included an inexpensive medical device, educational kits and even an agricultural robot that plucks individual weeds out of the ground. A new entry, Bloomiere, takes the contest in another direction with a conceptual prototype that bridges elements of lighting design, city planning and art. The... Read more »

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How Rapid Protoyping Helped a Startup Build a Smart Keyboard Fast

How Rapid Protoyping Helped a Startup Build a Smart Keyboard Fast

Hardware is hard. But crowdfunding and rapid prototyping technologies are making it a little easier, say MakeUseOf alums Erez Zuckerman and Yaara Lancet, the duo behind the ErgoDox EZ keyboard. “The ErgoDox EZ simply wouldn’t have happened in 2005,” Zuckerman told Matthew Hughes in a worthwhile MakeUseOf profile. “The tools designed to prototype the kit simply... Read more »

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