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Solar Airstream Fab Lab

Solar Airstream Fab Lab

Two pioneering artists, Coral Lambert and Paul Higham, will soon be embarking on a tour with their Solar Airstream Fab Lab, equipped for both 3D printing and metal casting. This modified Airstream has solar panels, a 3D scanner, two 3D printers (MakerBot and Rostock), and equipment for casting objects in iron and bronze using environmental... Read more »

By , 10/05/2014 @ 8:01 am

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mc squares : Why We Dumped A Commercial Resin Printer For A Hobbyist FDM Printer On Our Prototypes

mc squares : Why We Dumped A Commercial Resin Printer For A Hobbyist FDM Printer On Our Prototypes

I had several unique design problems when I began my entry into manufacturing. My biggest problem was that I was completely new to industrial design and manufacturing; the first CAD drawing in my life was also my first serious attempt at designing a manufacturable product, mc squares. My vision for... Read more »

By , 10/02/2014 @ 3:01 pm

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Ghost Gunner: A CNC Mill For Making Untraceable Guns

Ghost Gunner: A CNC Mill For Making Untraceable Guns

Defense Distributed, the group that has been making headlines by using 3D printers to make guns and gun parts has some new headline material. They’ve just released their own CNC Mill, called the Ghost Gunner, specifically aimed at manufacturing reliable firearm parts.  The term “Ghost Gunner” is a reference to... Read more »

By , 10/01/2014 @ 7:12 am

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