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Nuclear Fusor: “Star in a Jar”

MAKE fabricator Dan Spangler makes a lot of cool stuff, but his nuclear fusor project is at the top of...

Latest Energy Projects

Chester Winowiecki's "Zombie Flashlight" from MAKE 37.

Zombie Flashlight

Build a powerful pocket flashlight with reclaimed parts...

Chester Winowiecki

  • Difficulty: Moderate
Solar Cricket

Solar Cricket

Learn how to use solar panels for both...

Steve Hobley

  • Difficulty: Moderate

Wear Your Heartbeat with a Pulse Sensor and Weekend Projects

The Beatband Sleeve joins a long list of projects attempting to read the human-mechanical heartbeat and visualize it as an...

Latest Health Projects

DIY Blood Pressure Monitor

DIY Blood Pressure Monitor

Make a blood pressure tester that’s tough, smart,...

Alex Russell, Garrick Orchard and Carol Reiley

  • Difficulty: Moderate
Kombucha Madness

Kombucha Madness

Brew a cup of this popular "tea of...

Arwen O'Reilly Griffith

  • Difficulty: Easy