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Stir up some joy with these fun customized wooden spoons. A simple DIY project, and lovely gift for any cooking enthusiast. Read more »


Know someone who would love this in their kitchen? Well you can make them one by following this super simple tutorial from Tim and Mary Vidra. Read more »


Even if you're pretty sure that you've seen everything DIY that a pallet has to offer, you should probably still check out this gorgeous stacked wood pallet desk tutorial anyway. I think you'll agree that it's a beautiful, interesting, and inspiring take on wooden pallet reuse. (And one that I... Read more »


Build an awesome geometric end table or night stand with a secret hidden storage compartment inside with this cubed end table tutorial! Read more »


Instead of marking up door frames that might be painted over or left behind in a move, keep a lasting record of growth spurts and growing up with this handy DIY wooden ruler growth chart tutorial! Read more »


Need a weekend project? Create your own modern wooden toboggan sing common household power tools with this fantastic woodworking project! Read more »


Need something to keep yourself busy while you wait for the homemade ramen broth to cook? Why not whittle yourself a set of homemade chop sticks with a little scrap wood. Read more »

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