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New Review: Seas Idunn 2-Way Speakers

Named after the Norse goddess of youth, the Seas Idunn kit sets a high standard for DIY speakers. Cabinets come fully assembled in black ash, cherry, or maple, and the crossover also comes prebuilt, so installing it is just a matter of affixing it to the boxes and attaching the drivers.... Read more »

New Review: MSA-R MIDI Decoder

This kit gets top marks for ease of assembly and low price, and because it’s preprogrammed to do all the heavy lifting, all you need to do is solder it together and attach it to the device of your choice. It’ll take an average-skilled solderer 1½ hours to assemble, and... Read more »

New Review: Perlini Carbonation Kit

Open the cool aluminum briefcase and remove your weapon of choice. Charge the pistol grip with a 16-gram CO2 cartridge. Fill the lower shaker chamber with gin, maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, Creme de Violette, and ice. Thread the shaker top and valve onto the lower chamber. Inject CO2 into the... Read more »

New Review: Molecular Cocktails

The Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit is the perfect gift for the mad-scientist mixologist in your life. It comes with the tools, chemical compounds, and information needed to create gels, liquid-filled spheres, foams, and UV-reactive glowing drinks. The included book contains chapters on foundational techniques derived from molecular gastronomy, as well... Read more »

New Review: Digital Dominos

These Digital Dominos work just like regular dominos knocking each other down, only virtually. Each domino-sized PCB has a button that triggers an LED to blink (which corresponds to the domino “falling”). An IR sensor on one end and an IR LED on the other allow each domino to trigger any adjacent domino... Read more »

New Review: Mars Lander

If you want a more challenging project that takes shape with some real cutting and sanding, small manufacturer Semroc produces high-quality balsa rocket kit reproductions. The Mars Lander, originally sold by Estes in the 1970s, is a beautifully realistic-looking spacecraft with spring-loaded landing legs. You can also try their Saturn 1B ($78), a... Read more »