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These Fox Slippers are adorable, and they’d make a fun and unique holiday gift.

Have you heard of Kollabora? It’s a site that incorporates quality tutorials (knitting, crochet, jewelry, and sewing), a marketplace to buy crafting supplies, and a social platform where you can share photos, post your own projects, and ask questions. Kollabora is self-described as “a wondrous, one-stop destination for everything you need to make something awesome” … and I agree.

If you haven’t explored Kollabora already, now’s a great time to do so. There are so many beautiful holiday gift ideas! Remember: DIY > buy. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite projects. Take a look!

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Want to win a $150 gift certificate to the Kollabora Marketplace, to buy your own supplies and get started making beautiful things? Comment on this blog post, telling us what craft project you’d like to make, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win! We will consider comments posted up until 11:59pm PST on Friday, Nov. 30. Good luck!
This post is sponsored by Kollabora.

Laura Cochrane

Laura Cochrane

I’m an editor at MAKE and CRAFT. I like hiking, biking, and etymology.

107 Responses to 10 Gift-Worthy DIY Projects on Kollabora, and a Giveaway!

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  1. I would love to start the Marlon Double Wrap Bracelet by Lost Wax Studio project! It looks like it could make a great christmas gift!

  2. Amanda T. on said:

    I would love to make the fox slippers…a pair for me and one to give away!

  3. I want to make the Weekender Plaid Belt and the fox slippers for my fox obsessed two year old! :)

  4. I love that flower tote!

  5. Gretchen F. on said:

    I love those fox slippers! The crocheted bracelets are gorgeous though.

  6. Nati Roman on said:

    Holiday gift tags! such a cool idea, and perfect for the season!!

  7. 1st on my list are the fabric tags.

  8. Michelle Warnke on said:

    Lots of fun stuff on that site. I would love to make these bracelets!

  9. Their site is gorgeous. I would choose the fox slippers for a friend, and the Hitchcock cross stitch as a gift to me.

  10. Would love to make the crochet bangles! This site has so many awesome project ideas :)

  11. I’d like to make a Shibui ripple shawl!

  12. The fabric gift tags would be first on my list, followed by just about everything in the slide show.

  13. Dinosaur Booties!!! (After I finish my endless list of crafting projects) :P

  14. Dinosaur Booties!! (After I finish my long list of other crafting projects) ;)

  15. That pistachio shell necklace is a fantastic recycling idea n’ I would like to make it.

  16. I love the vibrant colors of the flower tote!

  17. shibui ripple shawl, for sure. fingers crossed!

  18. Ooh, I love those gloves at the end! The pistachio necklace is clever – I wouldn’t have guessed what it’s made of. :)

  19. I would love to make those dinosaur booties!

  20. Gift Tags first, followed shortly by those necklaces. I love the pistachio shell necklace!

  21. Found the link from Twitter..
    I would love to start with the gift tags and then the dinosaur booties. what a great site this is.

  22. That pistachio shell necklace is awesome!

  23. Weekender Plaid Belt look great. Would love to make it!

  24. Just what I need… another great lace to feed my blossoming knitting hobby and inspire my other crafty needs. My son saw the fox slipper over my shoulder and asked me to make them for him (he’s 4)… adding it to my list!

  25. totally love the fox slippers!

  26. I really want to make socks. Any socks!

  27. Awesome! I’ll be looking for new craft projects for the 2013 Mardi Gras season.

  28. I like the flower tote.

  29. I’d make the ShiBui Shawl and flower tote in matching colors!

  30. I’d love to make the crocheted Metallic Bangles. I’m sure my friends all need one to go with every outfit.

  31. I’d like to make my bridesmaids all fabric jewelry rolls for traveling!

  32. I want to sew the elf dolls!

  33. I’m digging those shrinky dink chevron necklaces. Sweet!

  34. projectstash on said:

    Hands down! I want to knit the Chinook mitts.

  35. I’m sure there won’t be any difficulty in spending the voucher!

  36. I would try out the Chevron Tote

  37. I would love to make the pom pom yarn necklace! Thanks for the giveaway~

  38. Donna Reed on said:

    The Chunky Cardigan!

  39. We’re planning on teaching a kids wearables class in January. The kids will come up with their own project ideas. Some that they have already are: felt monsters, giant LED-lit diamond ring, shoes with custom-swappable uppers. Maker Kids is a non-profit, so free materials would be awesome!

  40. Definitely has to be the Alfred Hitchcock Sillouette crosstitch. Who doesn’t love the master of suspense? Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock did a cameo in each of his films, whether it was a photo of himself in a newspaper or an actual walk on. Keep an eye out next time you watch one of his classics.

  41. I know I can make those cute cloth tags in a jiffy! What a great idea! I also like the fox slippers and the crochet bangles. A great collection!

  42. I want to make the flower tote! It’s so cute, and useful too :)

  43. I’ve been browsing the knitting section. I love the Shale baby blanket and there’s a couple of cute hats and mittens I’m eyeing too.

  44. Without a doubt,I need to make the giant doily rug.

  45. I’d like the Fabric Dyer’s Handbook and a few Colette patterns!

  46. Emily K. on said:

    I would really love a cross-stitch or embroidery project. But those fox slippers are pretty fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. I would love to make the flower tote. Then maybe the fabric tags.

  48. I really want to make the fox slippers.

  49. Shannon O. on said:

    I need those slippers! Thanks for the post and the giveaway.

  50. I had already decided to use plain brown paper to wrap all my gifts this year. I’m so glad to learn how to make those printed tags to help dress up my packages.

  51. The World Map Quilt is so great! I’ve been wanting to try hand quilting.

  52. oh man, i would use that SO fast. i would probably start by making beads from clay. I hope hope hope I win this giveaway. thanks so much for the chance!!

  53. veronica on said:

    L ove to have it all!!Lol

  54. Veronica on said:

    I would LOVE to make those fox slippers for my family!

  55. The chunky cardigan! I love it

  56. Shayla B on said:

    I would love to make a fox slippers, how fabulous!

  57. I would love to make some felt crafts, thanks for the chance!

  58. Carla Vachowski on said:

    CURSE YOU for yet another website that adds to my to-do list!! OOooh, I want to make that worldmap soft quilt for my brother’s kids… (he travels A LOT for work, and it might be fun for them to “follow along” with Daddy’s travels…) and one for me with a map of my town!

  59. shaunaosborn42 on said:

    i like the chinook gloves–would make a good gift too.

  60. Elizabeth Calmeyer on said:

    I would love to make scarves out of jersey fabric for my fair weather friends.

  61. Ooh, I hadn’t heard of Kollabora before, so many great products! I would make myself an e-reader case, to start with.

  62. I’ve been wanting to start knitting again, perhaps a cozy cowl…

  63. I want to make those foxy slippers! <3

  64. Wow, what a cool site! Thank you for introducing us to it!!
    I love those Elf dolls! They look like fun to make

  65. I’d love to make the fox slippers and Xmas gift tags!

  66. I would totally have to try to make the Snood Dog. I haven’t been successful at knitting yet but that looks like a good place to start.

  67. Heidi Aurich on said:

    I have wanted to try my hand at bead weaving for some time – that would be my first pick! Thanks for this opportunity!

  68. It would have to be the fox slippers -when my wife and I were first dating, we used to do a lot of walking home, and between our homes, at night. And we always knew that if we saw a London fox on the way, we’d get home safe.

  69. Mary Beth on said:

    I like the chinook gloves.

  70. The DSLR camera cozy! They’re sooo cute! Thanks!

  71. i wanna make a dress!!! thanks for sharing!

  72. I would make the “Lulu Loves Crochet Collar”, it’s lovely!

  73. Ramona R on said:

    i’d make the slippers, the necklace and the gloves :) i’m totally into knitting :) georgeous!

  74. the fox slippers are basically the coolest things ever, though if the dog snood came with the dog…

  75. The slippers ARE very cute, but my first project from this great group would be the printed tags. I’ve been wanting to try a freezer-paper printing project.

  76. Love those fox slippers! How great would it be to do a series for a family? Foxes and Owls and Bunnies, Oh My!

  77. The fox slippers are cute but then I noticed this world map quilt on the site- amazing:

  78. Crochet bangles – just bought my first tiny crochet hook. I live in the south, so knitwear isn’t as appropriate for most of my holiday gift. I was thinking that I could learn how to integrate the pistachio shell necklace for a fun, grown-up nod at the shell jewelry we used to wear as kids on trips to Florida.

    [Sorry for the double-post – I accidentally commented on the slideshow first!]

  79. Harmony Williams on said:

    my daughter would love those fox slippers

  80. I would love to learn the DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry. It looks so simple.

  81. Lorraine C on said:

    Love the fox slippers. I also like the knit diagonal pullover.

  82. Jennifer on said:

    I *love* Make:Craft and I think I will love Kollabora! Thank you!!

  83. I would love to make me and my twin sister matching fox slippers!!! Even though we live apart, I would feel more connected!

  84. I SOOO want to make that Ombre necklace! Super awesome :)

  85. Ashley T. on said:

    This site looks awesome, never heard of it before! I am in love with the Fox Slippers and the Holiday Gift Tags, so hard to choose just one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. I would make crochet hats for everyone in my family and embellish them with buttons and beads!

  87. That site is awesome! I’d love to buy all the yarn… ^_^

  88. Never heard of Kollabora before so thanks for that link – I’ve been buying from Etsy. Of the projects you shared, the gift tags are something I’d like to try since hubby has been nostalgic for the fancier, old fashioned, imaginative gift tags since last Christmas. But looking at the Kollabora site itself, there’s some chain maille that I think my teen would like to tackle, since it’s not a “girlie” craft and he can use it for his ranger costume for Halloween next year. :-) So thanks again for sharing the site!

  89. I think I would make the slippers. I have made Muppet slippers already, so I have already started on my learning curve.

  90. kellenamo on said:

    i would love to make sweaters for preemies by upcycling gently used sweaters that would otherwise end up as landfill.

  91. The fox slippers! it would be so cute to make my husband and son matching slippers!

  92. I would make the Seersucker Crepe Dress by Zoraandhugo, it’s adorable!

  93. I started the fox slippers yesterday. So fun!

  94. Def making some chain jewelry!

  95. I would make the DIY Ombre Pistachio Shell necklace, so creative!

  96. I would make a green dress for Christmas. (But not a real one, cause that’s cruel.)

  97. Kathleen on said:

    I’m so excited to try making one of those flower totes. Even better if I could be wearing those lovely fox slippers while I do it!

  98. Fox slippers. And then I would try for a pair of bobcats too!

  99. I’m just getting back into sewing after many years and I would LOVE to make the featured Artist in Residence/ Cynthia Rowley dress, or maybe get some Collette Patterns. Thanks for the post!

  100. DeBeeSignz on said:

    I am glad I found this site. I can always use more inspiration! I would love to make those cute fox slippers and the holiday tags.

  101. Kaitlin M on said:

    I’d love to make some of the fabric bracelets

  102. Shelly Duniphin on said:

    Chunky Cardigan and Amaranth Shawl.

  103. Can’t decide between the belt and the ring!

  104. The fox slippers are so cute! I also love the pistachio necklace.

  105. first , I would make the Crochet Metallic bangles, then the Chinook gloves.

  106. If I have to choose just one project, it would be the crocheted Metallic Bangles. But there are so many I want to do…

  107. would love to make the slippers for my friend Steve FOX!

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