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recoveryourthoughts bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Recover Your Thoughts: Recover Your Thoughts creates usuable journals from discarded library books.
Meet your paper goods and book vendors.

allcemilla bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Alchemilla: Alchemilla is the craft label of west coast artist Jen Lorang. We specialize in one-of-a-kind handprinted posters, journals, prints, and bags. We also have a popular jewelry line utilizing found and vintage pieces. All of our products express the common theme of botanical imagery, alchemy, & magic.
unusualcards bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Unusual Cards: Unusual Cards sells a hilarious variety of greeting cards, magnets, and prints all based on the hand cut collage art of Francesca Berrini. Be sure to check out our Etsy shop after you look at our official website to see some originals!
binarywinter bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Binary Winter/Cody Vrosh: Binary Winter Press (artist Cody Vrosh and writer Sheatiel Sarao) creates original art, books and artist designed shirts, scarves, and ties inspired by the things they love best, from Art Nouveau to robots, steampunk to satellites. Everything is handmade in an eco-friendly and vegan workshop.
arcanearts bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Arcane Arts, llc: Under Arcane Arts I make affordable reproductions of my art. My illustrations are available in prints, prints on wood, cards, pillow covers, plush animals, wearable scarves & original art too!
bossanova bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Bossa Nova Baby: I combine Gocco screen printing with embroidery and free form machine stitching to create unique apparel and accessories. I am currently working on a line vintage inspired light weight summer dresses – simple and flattering!
berkleyillustration bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Berkley Illustration: Ryan Berkley creates comic book inspired art and prints for your walls or family photo albums. Best known for his Animals in Suits series, Ryan tackles surreal subject matter in a very friendly way. With his wife, Lucy, he is also expanding into home accessories using his drawings as inspiration.
 Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2 I make Journal Bandoliers a strap fitted with small loops for carrying pens, pencils, and other handy tools wrapped around a journal, planner, or other book.
nidhi bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Nidhi Chanani Illustration: Whimsical, romantic and fun art prints and cards by artist Nidhi Chanani.
genuinehaha bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Genuine HAHA: We create whimsical cards and specialize in giving you the choices to find the words that you cannot find yourself.
magnote bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Magnote Corporation: Unique paper craft, wood craft, stationery lines, and more!
novel bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
NovelPoster: We make poster prints entirely from bodies of text – classic, modern and fully legible from beginning to end.
flimflam bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Flimflammery: Flimflammery is art by Bay Area artist Bill Robinson. He sells prints, self-published children’s books, pins, magnets, cards, and hand painted original art.
doubleparlour bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Doubleparlour: Doubleparlour, born in 2007, is a creative collaboration between Ernie and Cassandra Velasco. We create sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, and tshirts.
birdmafia bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
bird mafia: From organic home goods to original cut paper shadow boxes, bird mafia is based around the cut paper art form. Taking inspiration from the world around us and translating it into meticulous designs all hand-cut with an xacto knife.
smalladventure bb Bazaar Bizarre Preview #2
Small Adventure: A collection of illustrated prints, stationery and handmade objects with a thoughtful approach to nature, camping and traveling the world.

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