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eames1 A Conversation With Don Chadwick, Herman Miller
lil maker A Conversation With Don Chadwick, Herman MillerThe Henry Ford is our home for Maker Faire Detroit. It’s a great collection of American history, from automotive advancements to the history of the American home. Last Thursday I had the chance to attend the “Conversation with Don Chadwick” lecture as the “Inspired Design” exhibit, a great collection of Herman Miller work, came to a close.

What do office chairs and crafting have in common? Lots. The design process that goes into a handmade purse is just the same when it comes to designing a chair. Don spoke to how the Aeron chair came about, realizing the changing environment in today’s office as well as the changing tasks of today’s worker.
eames2jpg A Conversation With Don Chadwick, Herman Miller
The lecture not only covered the Aeron, but the mindset of Herman Miller and good design. Don had some great thoughts on the world-famous company that really struck me in terms of crafters and our work, but this one was my favorite: “Herman Miller does a lot of investing in ideas that never make it.”
Yep, I know how that feels. How often do you work on a project that you think will be great but never sees the light of day or turns out less than stellar?
eames3 A Conversation With Don Chadwick, Herman Miller
The lecture was so inspiring and made me so excited for Maker Faire Detroit. I can’t wait to see what fantastic folks show up with their own ideas! And, in a funny turn of events, I won the raffle that night and got to take own my very own Aeron chair. Perfect for crafting, eh?
I’ve got more photos over on Flickr, as well as a quick video snippet from inside the exhibit.
The Detroit call to makers is still going strong as is the the call to crafters for Craft Faire - you’ve got time to apply! More Detroit updates soon!

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