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Marci Senders

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Crafter Marci Senders recently added a few of her altered book work to the CRAFT flicr pool. The cool retro styles of her “Out of the World” pages features alien drawings and fun doodles and scribbles. I also got a chance to talk to Marci quickly about her craft. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Nat: What are the qualities you love about creating altered books?

Marci: I love the challenge of transforming a book into a piece of art. I love to use altered books as if they are sketch books but without the intimidating white pages. The text on the pages enhances my imagery. There are no rules and I often find them as my place to experiment with different ideas and mediums.

Nat: Where do you find your inspiration?

Marci: I let myself be inspired by combining the theme of the book with the right piece from my collection of materials, ephemera, photos and found objects. I let my stash guide my thought process. I also am inspired by participating in round robins (group projects), they provide the theme and comradery.

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