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weeping angel costume 1 Amazing Dr. Who Weeping Angel Costume
weeping angels head Amazing Dr. Who Weeping Angel Costume
weeping angels glove Amazing Dr. Who Weeping Angel Costume
I’ve been on a bit of a Dr. Who kick lately, watching old episodes in preparation for the new season that’s starting soon. Of course, that leads to stalking Dr. Who crafts out on the interwebs, and I stumbled on this amazing Weeping Angel costume from crafty_tardis. It’s from a few years ago, but is well worth checking out. She gives a detailed look at the process of making the dress and wings and includes information on how she put together the masks, wig and accessories. Her trick for creating gloves so she didn’t have to paint her hands and arms is brilliant. Go check out all the pictures and be amazed, and then start making plans for this Halloween’s costume.
Dr. Who Flip Page Embroidery

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