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Artist James Roper folded 10,000 origami flowers over a three year period. Folding about 10 per day – every day – he created what is now an installation called “Devotion.” The flowers are arranged in various ways on the gallery floor and are simply stunning. [via NOTCOT]
As I explored Roper’s web site further, I stumbled on another very cool project: Masked Ball. It’s a ball made from the masking tape used to get clean edges on his paintings, accumulated over a two and a half year period and then cut in half.

2 Responses to Artist Folds 10,000 Origami Flowers Over Three Years

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  1. jamesBrauer on said:

    The white knit cotton I use to clean my airbrush between colors usually looks more interesting than my efforts at airbrushing. Maybe I should frame it.

  2. Arsy Ayu Della on said:

    wooowww….it’s so cool~!what origami flower’s i have to making?? =)

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