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If you have a question for Ask CRAFT, shoot me an email at [email protected], or drop us a note on Twitter! We’d love to answer your crafty questions on any topic: technique, projects, crafty culture, or anything else! Each week the answers are here; include your name, where you’re from, and your website or blog if you have one!

This week on Ask CRAFT, we’re answering your questions about our lovely new site!

Is there a subscription fee?

Nope! The new CRAFT is free! We’re an ad-supported site with additional support from the Maker Shed store, so you don’t have to pay to access

Carla on Facebook: “Does this mean no more print pub?? Ever???”

That’s right. Don’t pout! We can’t say we’ll never publish anything in print again, but our day-to-day and month-to-month blog posts, columns, and long-form articles will be published here at For FREE. What’s not to love? You can still buy back issues of CRAFT in print in the Maker Shed.

The site looks borked in my browser. What’s wrong?

During the changeover to the new design, the site loaded funny for a few minutes. It should all be fixed now, so refresh your browser and check again. If it still looks funny, please take a screenshot and send it to me so we can get on any issues right away. Don’t forget to tell us what operating system and browser you’re using.

@planetjune: “Hope you’re planning a guide to the new site? There’s so much there, I don’t know where to start!”

The new site is designed to share the same columns and sections from the former print mag, plus all the great online stuff we already had going, like pattern and video podcasts. Look along the top two navigation bars to find regular columns and features, and be sure to subscribe to the blog in your RSS reader, if you haven’t already. Or have CRAFT come daily to your email inbox so you never miss a post. While the column pages don’t have RSS feeds, we’ll blog about them when they go up so you don’t have to go searching around to find out what’s new.

Who developed the new site?

The whole team contributed, but special thanks are in order to Tatia Wieland-Garcia, our webmaster, who programmed the whole thing, and Daniel Carter and Katie Wilson are majorly responsible for the design. We use a custom content management system, and our blog is built with Moveable Type.

Becky Stern

Becky Stern

Becky Stern ( is a DIY guru and director of wearable electronics at Adafruit. She publishes a new project video every week and hosts a live show on YouTube. Formerly Becky was Senior Video Producer for MAKE. Becky lives in Brooklyn, NY and belongs to art groups Free Art & Technology (“release early, often, and with rap music”) and Madagascar Institute (“fear is never boring”).

  • Shawn B.

    Love the new layout but missing the flickr pool and make pool feeds. I really enjoyed seeing what other folks were working on, it gave me lots of inspiration and felt like we were engaged as a large community. Will it be coming back?

  • Kari B

    Did you get rid of the blog archives, or have they just been moved? I’m not able to stop by every day (or even every week sometimes), and I like to be able to catch up on what I missed.

  • Becky Stern

    Nope, they’re up there in the top right, next to the “categories” dropdown. We changed it to a dropdown menu instead of a big list because it’s getting so long!

  • Becky Stern

    There’s still a link to the CRAFT Flickr pool in the sidebar, we just don’t have the widget that shows the most recent photos anymore. We’re going for a more clean look, so that’s the reason for the change. I subscribe to the Flickr pool in my RSS feed so I never miss a photo, and it’s a great way to check out what’s going on in the pool!

  • sad sad sad

    A website, no matter how rich, just isn’t a replacement for an honest to goodness paper magazine that comes in my mailbox, that I can curl up with in bed, that I can read cover to cover — why did it go away?