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  • deirdre

    I genuinely don’t mean to be offensive or mean-spirited, but do you think Skillshare might want a heads up that a sock monkey Obama might be considered either offensive or mean-spirited? At least before the link gets shared around extensively.

  • wmnslbr

    I agree with dierdre. The company that made the Obama sock monkey took a lot of flack for their design as people were quite put off by it. There are plenty of other cute sock monkey photos to use as the image in the announcement.

  • Susan

    Obama sock monkey is offensive!

  • Pam

    I think it’s cute.

  • Kate

    Yup, fourthed. Obama sock monkey = cute but not ok.

  • ChicagoJenn

    That monkey looks just like Obama. I think it could offend some folks and make others roll on the floor with laughter. I wouldn’t want to learn how to make this kind of monkey.

  • deirdre

    I actually thought that this was one that was made in/for the class, but wmnslbr’s right, it’s actually an image of a doll made by a company that came under a lot of fire for this depiction of Obama – I think Skillshare put it in there without realizing what it was, but I do think they need to change it. I sent them a polite email.

  • Lish Dorset

    Hi all – I’m so sorry this image offended people. I promise it wasn’t the intent at all, simply using a screengrab from the event’s own web page. I’ve changed the image to a different picture. Again, sorry for all the distress this caused, but I really appreciate the comments letting us know just that.

  • deirdre

    Skillshare emailed me back – just as we thought, totally accidental. Definite bonus points for changing the picture immediately, and getting back to me! Bonus points for CRAFT, too, for also taking down the photo!