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Australian fairy bread is dazzling to behold. And such a cute, whimsical name, to boot! Apparently it’s a popular treat at kiddie birthday parties in Australia and New Zealand. Sarah at has posted up some helpful tips and purdy pictures of this exotic treat.
Ingredients: Sliced white bread, butter, and rainbow sprinkles (or “hundreds and thousands,” if you’re an Aussie). Good for you? No. But so pretty. I can’t look away.
On a side note, did you know in England they call cupcakes “fairy cakes?”

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Laura Cochrane

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  1. Tabitha Schultz says:

    I had no idea that this was unique to Australia! What does the rest of the western world eat at kiddie parties? A childhood [or adulthood for that matter] without fairy bread is unthinkable!! Same goes for hundreds and thousands. Such a better name than sprinkles :)

  2. esjay says:

    I’m from the UK originally, my Daddy used to make this for me when i was little and i needed cheering up. ;O) He also used to put Lyles Golden Syrup on top of the butter before he added the hundreds and thousands! Extra naughty! used to always put a smile back on my face though! (probably shortly before i was bouncing off the walls on a sugar high!)

  3. Cook Clean Craft says:

    Now I have a craving for fairy bread and no hundreds and thousands in the house. I’m with Tabitha though – I can’t believe this is just an Australian thing!

  4. Happymom says:

    I’m in the US and have never seen this until recently. Its actually not even that easy to find that type of sprinkles (hundreds and thousands as you call them) over here. I will keep a look out for them. My little ones would love this! My grandma was Australian. I’m surprised we never had this.

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