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This might sound odd, but this year for Halloween, I want to dress up as a tree. While browsing for costume ideas to add to my Pinterest boards, I found this stunning forest fascinator. Made by Etsy seller unusualfascinators, it is a perfect combination of all things woodland. When I read the description, I was shocked to find out that she creates her headpieces by hand sewing the elements together- NO glue. I was just going to tangle branches in my hair, but now I have something to aspire towards!

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  1. I think this
    is very tasteful and really cute ! Love it !

  2. I dressed up as a tree once, I bought a little bird in a nest at Michael’s for my hair. Definitely put a bird on it.

  3. I dressed as a tree one Halloween as well. I wore a brown floor length gown and a wide brimmed sunhat decorated with leaves, a bird’s nest, and even a squirrel! This is a much more understated and classy look.

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