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With winter upon us, we thought it would be helpful to have this year’s best scarves on hand. With dozens to choose from, we picked our top 8 favorites based on both aesthetics and ingenuity.


morse code scraft Best of CRAFT 2011: Scarves
Morse Code Scarf
Morse code makes nice designs! For those of us who are not Morse code literate, the message here reads: I am me.


Lace Stripe Scarf
We have the pattern to this gorgeous knit lace scarf given to us by the book Wendy Knits Lace.


beaded dr who scarf necklace Best of CRAFT 2011: Scarves
Beaded Dr. Who Scarf Necklace
You gotta love this slick accessory, which can pose as both a scarf AND a necklace.


white swan scarf Best of CRAFT 2011: Scarves
White Black Swan Scarf
Remember the gracefully delicate scarf Natalie Portman wore in Black Swan? Here’s one just like it you can make yourself.


sushirollscarf Best of CRAFT 2011: Scarves
Sushi Roll Scarf
This is the first scarf we’ve seen that can drum up an appetite. Not only does it look good enough to eat, but such clever planning!


morphingscarf1 Best of CRAFT 2011: Scarves
Algorithmically Morphing Scarf
Made with a knitting machine, this is an algorithmic scarf that morphs by one pixel each time it repeats.


artic crochet scarf Best of CRAFT 2011: Scarves
Crochet Arctic Scarf
This stunning scarf can be customized to the colors and width that you want.


Nyan Cat Scarf
This list wouldn’t be complete without this irresistible Nyan Cat scarf!

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