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I am regularly in awe of the gorgeous and inspiring quilting projects we feature here on the CRAFT blog. I had a lot of fun going through the 2011 Quilting archives to pick ten of my favorite quilting projects for our Best of series, but it was truly hard to narrow them down. Whet your appetite with these projects and the dive into our rich quilting archives for even more inspiration!
Zombie Quilt
If you were wondering if zombies can be beautiful, this quilt should answer your question. Gorgeous!
best of duranduran mini quilt Best of CRAFT 2011: Quilting
Duran Duran Rio Mini Quilt
Our own Lish blew me away with this totally rad quilt based on the Duran Duran Rio album cover.
best of quilting crochet fabric blanket Best of CRAFT 2011: Quilting
Fabric And Crochet Blanket
The mix of fabric quilt squares and crochet edging in this quilt from Heidi of Sewing Daisies is a clever and fresh approach to quilting.

best of quilting lukehaynes self portrait quilt Best of CRAFT 2011: Quilting
Luke Haynes Self Portrait and 3D Illusion Quilts
The stunning work of Luke Haynes’ self portrait quilts is made even more fascinating by the fact that he makes a new one every year and uses it on his bed. Love it!
best of quilting nyan cat quilt Best of CRAFT 2011: Quilting
Nyan Cat Quilt
What more does a fun geek quilt need than everyone’s favorite flying Pop Tart cat?
best of quilting r2d2quilt Best of CRAFT 2011: Quilting
R2D2 Quilt
OK, ok, I admit it: I’m a sucker for geeky quilts! The piecing in this R2D2 quilt is phenomenal.
best of spock quilt Best of CRAFT 2011: Quilting
Spock Quilt
One last geeky quilt and then I’ll lay off my geeky tendencies. One work for this quilt: fascinating.
best of quilting godzilla quilt Best of CRAFT 2011: Quilting
Rad Godzilla Quilt
This Godzilla quilt is rad, indeed. The details are absolutely stunning.
best of quilting color spectrum pet bed Best of CRAFT 2011: Quilting
How-To: Color Spectrum Pet Bed
Small scale quilting is loads of fun, especially when it’s bright and colorful and made for your pet.
best of quilting starbust quilt floor pillow Best of CRAFT 2011: Quilting
How-To: Starburst Quilted Floor Pillow
This beautiful starburst quilted floor pillow maybe be small in scale, but it’s big in detail.
I can’t wait to see what cool quilting projects are created and featured in the coming year!

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