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  • Eden

    Once I made microwave popcorn in a paper bag during a party, and people were amazed that you could do that. I loved that I was able to provide a bunch of people with food through “magic.”
    I’m currently without a microwave, but popcorn always provided a great late-night snack. It sounds weird, but a little nutritional yeast (I mean, I realize most people don’t have it around unless they’re vegan) is also a tasty topping.

  • TheCluelessCrafter

    Don’t know why I didn’t think I could just use a regular paper bag! I have this Indian corn kernel mix from the North Woods of Wisconsin which I can finally put to use.
    I just worry about the bag breaking open with the popping. Is there a specific dimensions that works best?

  • Chuck

    Do you need special air popper or real popcorn, or can i rip open a microwave popcorn bag and pour it in the bag?
    I have a bunch of bags of microwave popcorn and am too scared to find out for myself

  • Laura Cochrane

    The theater near my house has nutritional yeast as a topping for popcorn!

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