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I just went to the most wonderful two-year-old birthday party and thought I’d share a few shots for inspiration. It had a bird theme, complete with dress-up bird wings for the birthday girl, a hand-sewn felt bird mask for each kid, wooden birdhouses for them to paint, and beautiful naturally dyed hard-boiled eggs. I was thrilled to see that my friend had used two tutorials we posted here on Craft!
The kids had a blast painting the birdhouses (and each other!), my son ate his weight in eggs, and the birthday girl wore her stunning bird wings just long enough for us all to sing “Happy Birthday.” It was a perfect day.
More photos after the jump:

The bird masks were layers of colored felt stitched on top of each other with an elastic band sandwiched between the layers.
birdbirthday4 Bird Themed Kid Birthday Party
The eggs on the left were dyed with onion skins, the ones in the middle with red cabbage, and the ones on the right with turmeric, spinach, and blueberries.

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