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Wendy D. Johnson of has come out with her third knitting book, Wendy Knits Lace: Essential Techniques and Patterns For Irresistible Everyday Lace, which offers 20 projects that range from simple to advanced. Johnson does a great job explaining the basics of knitting lace, such as how to read a chart, what kind of needles work best, various ways to block lace, and what kind of knitting tools you’ll need (and why). She also has a nice section on techniques. Then comes her beautiful patterns, which include lacy shawls and stoles, scarves, gloves, socks, and sweaters. Every project looks gorgeous and intricate, and yet many of these step-by-step tutorials can be tackled by even the less experienced of us knitters. Because knitted lace can be so delicate, this book will come in handy all year round.
Johnson has kindly offered us a pattern from her book to make this stunning Lace Stripes Scarf. Enjoy!

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  1. Love the pattern, but a quick lookover reveals a need to know how to do the lace cast-on for the scarf. Any help with this?

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