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If you remember my Barbie patterns from earlier this week, you’ll remember I found many fantastic vintage patterns on that trip. Another favorite pattern I found has to be this Brooke Shields McCall’s offering. Snazzy! Did anyone out there ever make a top from this collection?

6 Responses to Brooke Shields Sewing Patterns

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  1. Marzipan on said:

    Oh, dear. I can remember being about 14 year old, and making view D of this pattern. I thought I was *pretty* stylin’ in that shirt. Yes, I did.

  2. I think I made several versions of view A. So quick and easy, and versatile.

  3. Jennifer B on said:

    hard to imagine at Brooke Shields daily pay rate that McCalls could afford her at that age!!!

  4. I have a different Brook Sheilds pattern from that era – I can’t remember offhand what it was – will have to dig it out to see – lol

  5. Oh, I made D in lavender voile for a sewing class when I was 14! Forst shirt ever, and easy too.

  6. Melsews on said:

    What even more amazing is the price, $3.50!

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