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  1. AmyBklyn says:

    Brilliant! I want to turn the bag I got at the American Craft Council conference into a messenger bag too, but I don’t understand how the maker did it (especially the strap)… Could you please please please offer us some elaboration?
    Many thanks!

  2. duganj says:

    Hi. Appreciate the comments. I put up some details on how I made the bag in the form of notes on several of the photos in the flickr set and on the flickr set page at:
    If still have any questions feel free to ask. The best way would be in the form of comments on Flickr.

  3. sinisterspark says:

    Just beware – the bags they give away at those types of events tend to be hella cheap and of poor quality. Make sure you reinforce the stitches before refashioning them.

  4. AmyBklyn says:

    Ah – thanks for the clarification. I got it! I’m going to make my tote from the American Craft Council conference into your nifty messenger bag! Great idea!

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