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  1. Amy says:

    That Medicine Dress is silly. Shape up girl. Grow up. And EAT!

  2. Sannatoriet says:

    I just have to respond to the comment Amy left. I’m the artist of the dress and it’s my friend Sofy who wears it. And I’m angry. Sofy is not sick. She’s this thin all by herself. And she hates it. She feels like * sometimes. I hope she don’t have to read your comment.
    You should think twice before comment on a girls body. Even though she’s thin. You have no right to comment on her looks or body.
    The dress is a part of a project of many artists. We write in magazines and make street-art. And this dress. Sofy is a part of this project. She also makes things out of medicine-boxes, pills and writes in diffrent magazines about this.
    You should shape up. And stop being an * and just go on without asking about the project and what the meaning of it.
    / Susanna Petersdotter, Sweden
    Sannatoriet at Flickr.

  3. Amy says:

    Guess what, I know more than you think about this.
    And I still think you should do something useful. Not this crapp you call “art”.

  4. Becky Stern says:

    Hey you two: we have a “be nice” comment policy. That means no personal attacks, and no swearing. Amy, consider this a warning. Two more and your commenting privileges will be suspended. If you have anymore concerns please email me at

  5. Rebecca Stern says:

    @Sannatoriet It’s ok, I edited them out. Cool project, by the way!

  6. Sannatoriet says:

    I’n sorry Becky for cursing. I just got really upset by the comment wich I felt was really inrellevant and mean.
    Sorry, and it won’t happen again!
    With love
    / Susanna Pettersdotter, Sweden
    Sannatoriet at Flickr.

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