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Covers Knitted Crochet Flowers
As crafters we all know how important embellishing a project is. That knit hat looks a bazillion times cuter with a crochet flower on it, no? Thanks to Nicky Epstein and her two new books, Knitted Flowers and Crocheted Flowers, you now have at your fingertips a variety of flower designs to take your project to the next level. Each paperback book is easy to tote in your craft bag and also includes a variety of projects in each book.
flowerpatterns nicky epstein CRAFT Pattern: Nicky Epsteins Knitted and Crocheted Flowers
Today’s CRAFT Pattern Podcast features a special flower pattern excerpt from each book. Knit up the Cabbage Rose (pictured left) or crochet this Beaded Beauty (pictured right) to add a special touch to a corsage, belt, cardigan, or whatever you’d like!
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