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era messages Crafty Art Selections by Garth Johnson
Erik Gronborg, Pax Americana, 1969; Contemporary Crafts Gallery Purchase; Collection of Museum of Contemporary Craft. Photo by Dan Kvitka
Garth Johnson, everyone’s favorite Extreme Crafter, is curating a show at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Ore. Yet another reason to be jealous of the crafty hipsters living the dream in the Pacific Northwest.
The show, Era Messages, runs through July 9, 2011. It focuses on works from the 1960s to 1980s that exemplify particular moments in the history of craft. As Johnson explains, “This exhibition seeks to examine work that is timely rather than timeless – craft that is evocative of its era rather than existing in the netherworld of timelessness.”
Era Messages: Selections by Garth Johnson


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