crocheted self portrait 2 Crocheted Self Portrait

Crochet seems to be a big part of who Jennifer Ramirez of The Sun and the Turtle is, so it makes perfect sense that she’s gone ahead and crocheted a part of herself in this fantastic crocheted self-portrait.

Crochet is meditation for me. Somehow it makes me feel calm and I can think clearly. Since [I was] small I loved color and patterns, I have [always been] fascinated with fractals, spirals and mandalas, also the textures in nature. During this project I realized how important patterns are in my life.

Ramirez carefully documented each step in the process of crocheting herself along the way, like creating a mask of her own face to use as a form for her crocheted features.

crocheted self portrait 3 Crocheted Self Portrait

As a result of challenging herself to create a crocheted self-portrait, Ramirez produced a crocheted eyes tutorial so that you can get started on your own crocheted self-portrait!

crocheted self portrait 1 Crocheted Self Portrait

[via Knithacker]

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Artist, writer, and teacher who makes work about popular culture, technology, and traditional craft processes.

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