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If you’ve ever struggled to find just the right thread to match a fabric in your sewing project, stress no more. The Leitfaden Sewing Machine can custom match color from fabric or paper and then create thread in that color by applying a CMYK mixture to white thread. Future sewing technology WIN. [via Unplggd]

4 Responses to Custom CMYK Sewing Machine Matches Thread to Fabric

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  1. CHICHI!144 on said:

    Wow, this is so cool,I can’t wait to own one,hope there not expensive.

  2. A'isha on said:

    This is just too cool for words!

  3. Judy LeVang on said:

    This is a cool gadget, but what I need is a machine that matches fabric, needle and thread for problemless sewing

  4. I’m not a sewer but would buy this to get into it

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