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How-To: Vintage Glitter Bulb Ornaments
It seems like I just wrote our Welcome November post, and with barely a moment to blink it’s already December! The busiest, craftiest, most festive time of the month – and we at CRAFT are ready for it! Stuffed with gift-crafting ideas, winter recipes, and a daily craft-inspired gift guide, we will be posting with the holidays in mind.
Project: Crochet Snowflake
Some of this month’s Celebrate the Season exclusive projects will include a gold “Cadillac” cocktail, latke recipe, non-traditional menorah, tutorial on how to really dice an onion, holiday tree, ornaments, stockings to stuff, today’s crocheted snowflake, and much more.
Recipe: Cranberry Pomegranate Sorbet
So enjoy the crafting, enjoy the madness, and have a very sweet and happy holiday month!

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