WolfDreamer shares a pattern for making a crochet minion character from the movie Despicable Me. As my son said when I pulled up the picture of the project, “Dude. That is AWESOME.”

  • ashley

    i <3 it! it is so adorable i made a miniature one and now everybody wants one that i show him to!!
    he is just so adorable in bigger version too!
    i am going to make ur large one and see what ppl think now though it is so far taking me a while…….

  • Sharon Beeby

    Can we get pattern for it?

  • Anne in Clo

    The pattern link in the article still works.

  • Johanna Smith

    I made this one & can’t wait to send it to my daugher for Chrstmas. Do you have a pattern for an Evil Mionon?

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