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easyribbonrosettes1 How To: Easy Ribbon Rosettes
Delicate embellishments are a classic way to spruce up just about anything. I remember having tiny pink ribbon roses on my favorite pinafore when I was young, and the dainty trend is retuning in a big way.
Wide wired ribbon, about 1′
Thin ribbon, about 2′
Large eye needle

easyribbonrosettehowto How To: Easy Ribbon Rosettes
Thread a large eye needle with the narrow ribbon. Don’t knot it, just hold it in the needle with your fingers. Then run the whipstitch through a larger ribbon with a wired edge. Don’t worry about making a good even stitch, un-even and crooked whipstitching will make an interesting flower too. Then scrunch the wide ribbon down into a rose. To hold it all together, tightly knot the thin ribbon on the back side of the rosette. Beyond easy.

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