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peapotatoeggsoup English Pea, Potato, and Rice Soup
My mother still can’t believe this, but I love soup. As a child, I was an extremely picky eater and hated foods to mix, but now my favorite things to eat (and make) are stews, soups, risottos, and anything mixed with flavors tumbling together. I tend to think of soup as a winter food, but this English pea, potato, and rice soup from Cannelle et Vanille is just bursting with spring flavor. It’s based on a soup from Aran’s childhood, patatas en salsa verde, and looks wonderful with the soft-boiled egg broken into it. (Almost everything can be improved with an egg, in my opinion!) Even if the soup doesn’t appeal, it’s worth reading the post about it for the beautiful photos and Aran’s wonderful memories of her grandmother in the kitchen.

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