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craftzine etched glasses 08b Flashback: Greater Than Drunk Pint Glasses

By Brookelynn Morris

Math is a universal language, so why save the symbols of mathematics just for equations? These clever “Greater Than Drunk” and “Less Than Sober” pint glasses are designed to help you communicate with the precision of a math geek, and of course, to help you consume in style!

craftzine etched glasses 01 Flashback: Greater Than Drunk Pint Glasses


Pint glasses
Etching creme
Alphabet stickers
Craft knife


craftzine etched glasses 02 Flashback: Greater Than Drunk Pint Glasses

Step 1: Fill a glass with water and set it on a level surface. Adhere the words to the glass. Use the water line as a guide for placing the alphabet stickers nice and straight.

craftzine etched glasses 04 Flashback: Greater Than Drunk Pint Glasses

Step 2: The stickers I used had serifs, so use the craft knife to cut a simple “V” for the less-than and greater-than symbols.

craftzine etched glasses 06 Flashback: Greater Than Drunk Pint Glasses

Step 3: When using etching creme, be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands, work in a very well ventilated space, and always follow the manufacturer’s safety directions. To apply the creme, just smear a stripe over the stickers with the sponge.

craftzine etched glasses 07 Flashback: Greater Than Drunk Pint Glasses

Step 4: The length of time to let the creme set will vary depending on the type of glass you are using. The etching creme I used recommended 5 minutes, but I had best results when I let the creme remain for 20 minutes. After you’ve let the creme work, just rinse it in water and remove the stickers. Then wash the glasses very, very well, and pour yourself a nice cold one!

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses

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