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CRAFT: Geek Crafts

For you, dear CRAFT readers, I have created a roundup of the finest gamer crafts to be found on these internets. Did I miss one of your favorites? Post it up in the comments!

xboxcontrollersoap Gamer Crafts Roundup

Digital Soaps

portal turret egg cup Gamer Crafts Roundup

How-To: Portal Sentry Turret Egg Cup

Plush Portal Turret Speaks, Lights Up

wow mitmus verti bestsmall Gamer Crafts Roundup

World of Warcraft pod

companioncube Gamer Crafts Roundup

Knitted Companion Cube from Portal

wedding cakes consoles Gamer Crafts Roundup

Gamer Wedding Cake

d12handbagnew Gamer Crafts Roundup

How-To: D12 and D20 Dice Purses

Felt Magnetic Katamari Playset

miittensbeauty Gamer Crafts Roundup

Knit Mii Mittens

katmari earmuffs Gamer Crafts Roundup

Katamari Damacy Queen of All Cosmos earmuffs

becky stern headshot Gamer Crafts Roundup

Becky Stern

Becky Stern is director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Her personal site:

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