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We live in an amazing world, where anything you like can be procured from even the most obscure corner of the globe. The hardest people to shop for are those unique friends that you love the most. Don’t set any boundaries or limits when searching for their perfect handmade presents.
gakkencamera Gift Guide: Gifts From Around the Globe
Twin Lens Reflex Camera
Build a camera from Japanese kit maker Gakken. This 35mm camera kit comes with every piece needed for assembly, down to the very last screw. While the kit is authentically Japanese, the Maker Shed has fully translated instructions in English. Once it’s made, use the handmade camera to shoot photos that are lovely, charming and quirky.
steedlord Gift Guide: Gifts From Around the Globe
Music from Steed Lord
Exotic music comes in many forms. If you are searching for something unusual, it doesn’t get much more exotic than edgy Icelandic hip-hop. iTunes makes it easy to purchase and gift albums from a huge selection of artists, including unsigned bands from the Arctic Circle, like Steed Lord.
glitter Gift Guide: Gifts From Around the Globe
Real Silver Imported German Glass Glitter
Indulge your favorite crafter with high-end, imported German glass glitter. This glitter from Meyer Imports is made with silver, which imparts a beautiful tarnished patina on projects. It’s a small gift and a luxury splurge.

turkishnecklace Gift Guide: Gifts From Around the Globe
Corydalis Flexuosa Freeform Beaded Crochet Necklace
The intricate details of this necklace from Turkey are captivating. Etsy seller irregularexpressions has created a piece that is vibrant and delicate at the same time. It is an inspired piece of art and a truly one-of-a-kind gift.
frenchmoth2 Gift Guide: Gifts From Around the Globe
Fabric Copper Underwing Moth Brooch
This handmade fabric moth is astoundingly beautiful. The humble textile moth from BlueTerracotta on Etsy is filled with rich detail. Fly it over the ocean, all the way from France.
grassepoxypendant Gift Guide: Gifts From Around the Globe
Real Field Grass Pendant
A piece of grass from the Russian countryside was harvested, preserved and set against a bold red backdrop. The pendant is a creation by UralNature, an Etsy seller who incorporates organic materials into perfect pieces of jewelry.
portugalpottery Gift Guide: Gifts From Around the Globe
Ceramic Turquoise and Green Flower Bowl
Pretty and modern, this dish is handmade in Portugal. Etsy seller azulado has an eye for both color and texture.
italianknitmerino Gift Guide: Gifts From Around the Globe
Purple Knit Pure Merino Cowl
Merino wool from Italy is famous for it’s soft texture and feel. The handknit pieces from NonnaLia incorporate lush merino, but the true signature of Italy is in her fashion forward designs.

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