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Here are my gift suggestion for someone who loves to garden: make sure the sun shines. A lot. And that it rains, preferably at the right time to make seeds grow but not so much that they get moldy. Simple, right??
Not helpful you say? Well, since gardeners are at the mercy of the elements, here are some suggestions for gifts that will please, rain or shine!
kokedama final Gift Guide: Green Thumb
Thumb feeling green? Any gardener loves having a bit of greenery inside, so these DIY kokedama string gardens are perfect!
woolly pocket Gift Guide: Green Thumb
The Woolly Pocket is another wonderful way to bring a piece of the garden somewhere it might ordinarily have trouble rooting. There are indoor and outdoor versions of the pocket, so you can have ferns in your shower or succulents in your stairwell!
garden calendar Gift Guide: Green Thumb
I absolutely love my Regional Garden Planting/Harvest Guide Perpetual Calendar. Krank Press has versions for most regions of the United States, and you can use it to remind you what to plant (or look for at the farmer’s market) all year.

tomatoladder Gift Guide: Green Thumb angleweeder Gift Guide: Green Thumb
On the practical side, these are my two favorite tools, hands down: the Garden Works angle weeder and stacking tomato ladders. The ladders elicit oohs and ahhs every time someone walks into my garden, and the angle weeder is perfect for those hard-to-get weeds with tap roots like dandelions and thistles.
garden markers 1 Gift Guide: Green Thumb
I have to laugh when I send my husband out to the garden to pick some thyme and he comes back with tarragon; these charming illustrated spoon garden markers would solve that problem!
Another way to take your garden with you is this lovely line of plant jewelry, which features close-up photographs of the botanical world.
berry bowl Gift Guide: Green Thumb
This fleur de lis berry bowl is definitely a splurge, but is the perfect way to feature those lush red berries coaxed from the earth. (Or anything else for that matter!)
Addendum: I just received Seeing Trees as an early Christmas gift last night, and I am utterly smitten! The close-up photographs of various trees are stunning and the detailed narrative is both charming, informative, and unexpected. Nancy Ross Hugo stalks trees the way birdwatchers search for and look at birds. Highly recommended!
seeingtrees cover Gift Guide: Green Thumb

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