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Learn how to make candy glow under UV by adding vitamin B2! In this Halloween episode of Becky’s Workshop, we whip up some kryptonite candy, as seen in BrittLiv’s Instructable. See the complete how-to on Make: Projects.

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For this project you need:


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Becky Stern

Becky Stern is head of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Her personal site:



  1. Seanna Lea says:

    I made this for one of my friends (colored pink, so I could finally make my gay Superman) for his birthday.
    I’ll have to look at your video later, because mine didn’t really glow. A bit disappointing but tasty with orange oil flavoring.

  2. drdoom says:

    How come superman didn’t collapse after eating it? I don’t think this really works.

  3. angel june pate says:

    your candy made me sick so im going to sew

    1. fredd says:

      if your are going to sew…i would like a new sweater

      1. June says:

        im in love with you…

  4. angel june pate says:

    your candy made me sick so im going to die.

    1. haley101xoxo says:

      wooooooowwww your crazy

      1. haley101xoxo says:

        i most die to

        1. June says:

          I almost died too****

        1. haley101xoxo says:

          shes alive

          1. June says:

            no.. no.. shes still died im sure…

  5. angel june pate says:

    your candy made me sick so im going to die.

  6. haley101xoxo says:

    oh i thought i was going crazy there for 52 seconds

    1. June says:

      i thought i was for 63!!!!!!

  7. haley101xoxo says:

    im almost
    in love with you


    1. June says:

      -_- no.. dont talk to me.. i thought i was your hubby………..

  8. haley101xoxo says:

    you r a dude right

    1. June says:

      yes X)

  9. haley101xoxo says:

    were do u live im going to stalk u


    luv you %

    all of this on a kryptanite candy page i fell dumb i cant wate for some one to read this

    1. June says:

      i was just telling ethan about it X)

  10. haley101xoxo says:

    yapp u


    1. June says:


  11. haley101xoxo says:


  12. haley101xoxo says:

    chocolate mommies

  13. haley101xoxo says:

    i ment monkies lol ttyl xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  14. Chloeenjoysanal says:

    i think my unicorn justtttttttttttt came…….into the room

  15. haley says:

    what color is it

  16. June says:

    hes purple

  17. haley says:

    ooo yah that is sexy for sure

  18. Chloeenjoysanal says:

    no he just enjoys the bum too his name is fredenjoysanal

    1. haley says:

      im sure he does

  19. June says:

    i know :3

  20. Chloeenjoysanal says:


  21. June says:

    haha omg Cx