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CRAFT: Celebrate the Season
card beginning Hand Sewn Holiday Swap Cards
I was very excited to participate in this year’s Brooklyn Bride Holiday Card Swap. I’ve gotten some great cards so far (I’ll post pictures of them all as soon as I get them all!), so I thought I’d share what I made and sent out. Take a look.

card sew Hand Sewn Holiday Swap Cards
I used the leftover outline from a die-cut Michigan I had to trace out Michigans on some cute holiday paper. I used a small piece of tape to keep the Mitten in place as I quickly stitched through the pieces of paper all the way around.
card sewn finished Hand Sewn Holiday Swap Cards
All done!
card glue Hand Sewn Holiday Swap Cards
Using some plain Elmer’s Glue, I put glue on the back on the Mitten and smoothed it out with an inexpensive foam brush. I had already cut some cardstock to the size of card I wanted and folded with a bone folder. From here I glued the Mitten on, let it dry, and got it ready for the post office!
cards done Hand Sewn Holiday Swap Cards

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