Sarah from The Small Object shares her adventures in making her own notepads using this handy-dandy brush-on padding compound. I’m totally inspired to run around my place gathering up scrap papers to turn into notepads now!

  • Sue

    my dad did this with dollar bills a long time ago, using rubber cement. No one believed they were real when he tried to spend them!

  • Gina

    This is amazing. Great value for such a great product.

  • K Blaske

    You can use Elmer’s White Glue also. I have tons o’ recycled paper pads around my house that I made with Elmers. You have to do two or three coats, and I used clamps or large binder clips to hold it until it dried.

  • pickhappy

    I make my own pads out of paper scraps, too. Elmer’s worked okay… Until I tried Aleene’s Tacky Glue! It’s great for pads of paper and other crafts! 2 coats do the trick. No need to buy special padding compound. Cheaper and easy to find in the stores, too.

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