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  1. Judy Brennan says:

    Is there anyome who can translate? Has anyone tried this with the graham cracker cereal?

    1. Andrew Salomone says:

      Hi Judy, if you open the link with Google Chrome the option to have the text translated should pop up at the top of the browser, otherwise you can always copy and paste the text into Google Translate yourself.

      1. Judy Brennan says:

        Thanks…guess blindness is creeping up on me. Didn’t know Google Chrome was so useful. I really want to send it to a friend with a 10 year old granddaughter to entertain. This is right up their alley.

  2. How cute are these?! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I agree, so cute! Great link too, I love the guide. Mm, I want some gingerbread right now, haha. :)

  3. RyuKifujin says:

    I think these are extremely cute! I actually was really surprised when the very next day after reading this post, I found and bought a cookie cutter for little houses in the store. Here is a link to where they sell them online: It makes little houses, but it only has one door, so to get it to fit on a mug you would have to cut an extra door in the other side. Still it would save time and you would not have to cut your own pattern. :)