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I am loving this pallet playhouse created by Rachel Jepson Wolf. Not only for its simplicity and charming rustic appearance, but also for the story behind how it came to be. Rachel reflects on the time in her life when she searched everywhere for that picture perfect playhouse, and once they had it, the excitement soon fizzled out.

It sat in the yard – almost always empty – in all of it’s fancy cedar perfection while the kids made forts under the bushes in the backyard.

When we moved I left it behind rather than bring it out to the farm. It just wasn’t worth it.

They never missed it.

Like so many other lessons of parenthood I realized for the umpteenth time that less is more.

So when her husband went to replace one of their barn windows, Rachel found inspiration in the discarded lumber from the renovation, and the pallet playhouse was created.

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6a010535f3a090970c01a73de0ac48970d 640wi How To: Rustic Pallet Playhouse

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This upcycled playhouse could not be more perfect. Check out the whole story over at Rachel’s site, Lusa Organics. Be sure to read her inspiring post about blanket play forts. She talks about the importance of not being discouraged by those picture perfect playhouses, and to instead be encouraged to use what you have and be guided by your imagination.

Look around. Ask around. See what you can find.


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