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  • Steve

    About 20 years ago I did this same thing with a grime covered fridge in the apartment I was renting (landlord loved it but wished I would’ve asked first!)
    I used Holstein cow patterned contact paper. I did get a lot of rave reviews!
    The downside, you have to remove Every fixture off of the fridge, handles, nameplate, hinges, etc… If you want it to look “Right”. Really neat/fun project but time consuming, and you need access to another fridge to store the food in as you do it cause it does take awhile to do. :-)

  • Elizabeth

    at Christmas I wanted to cover my fridge in wrapping paper to make it look like a giant present. I only had the soft foil type of paper and turns out I didn’t need any adhesive or sticking tape. due to the static the paper grips tightly to the fridge all by itself. the paper has remained on to this day still with only friction to hold it and makes the fridge look 100x better.

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