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We’re reaching that time to start planning for cool Halloween decorations, and this video tutorial from Allen Hopps of could take your spooky decor to a whole new level. He shares how to take a simple plastic skeleton and transform it into a freakishly realistic corpse with just a few simple supplies and less than an hour of your time. Forget cutesy pumpkins on your porch, this corpse will simultaneously terrify and fascinate your trick-or-treaters and make yours the most popular house on the block. [via BoingBoing and Propnomicon]

2 Responses to How-To: Corpse From Plastic Skeleton

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  1. sbbish on said:

    This tutorial is from the Stiltbeast Studios YouTube channel. Propnomicon cross-posted it. Please show proper credit to the originator at Stiltbeast Studios.

  2. Rachel Hobson on said:

    My sincerest apologies for the mis-credit! I’ve changed the entry now to reflect proper credit/link directly to the YouTube video and link up to Stiltbeast Studios. Thanks so much for letting me know.

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